Adrian Richards, Medical Director of Cosmetic Courses, shares his advice on the importance of obtaining consent from patients when using images of them, and what it should include.

With the end of lockdown looming and plans to reopen hopefully fast approaching it’s time to make sure your aesthetic practice is prepared and ready for a successful 2021!

With 20 years of aesthetic experience our team wanted to share with you some top tips to help you thrive in this challenging time.

Cosmetic Courses Business Newsletter. We are planning to share our business insights into how to start and grow a clinic. We are looking to bring you a wealth of knowledge from our business partners including from Allergan, manufacturer of Botox, to Pabau and Consentz who are our partners for clinic systems.

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Clinical Director Mr Adrian Richards and NIP Alison Telfer, Glass House Clinics, chat with Professor David Sines, chair of the JCCP. They delve deeper into what we should be expecting with our clinics reopening and what you can do to make sure you are putting yours and your patients safety at the forefront.

Clinical Director Mr Adrian Richards was joined by Ewan Colville of Sunstone Digital to discuss working with influencers. You can watch the video below and also see some of the mentioned highlights.

  • Assessing Influencers:
    • Use the free Uplfluence chrome extension to assess credibility of influencers you might want to work with. Quickly check their followers age & gender splits plus country of residency. Download Upluence Chrome Extension here
    • You can also assess influencers by simply eyeballing their profiles to check follower numbers, post quality and gauging typical follower engagement with their posts. And follow them with your brand and/or personal IG account to get a flavour of how they interact with followers.
    • Buzzstream is another tool you can use to discover and reach out to influencers. It’s possibly more suitable for brands than local clinics, but there is a free trial account you can sign up for and cancel down before you get charged
    • Nano-influencers have a following of 1-10K and they might be the best option for clinics with local catchments who want to engage local audiences. You might also find a nano-influencer can be persuaded to promote your clinic/treatments/products with in-kind benefits – like a free treatment
    • Beyond the harder-to-measure influencer KPIs like post reach and engagement stats, you can move your more trusted and proven influencers towards payment-by-results models that reward them per click (to your site from their IG posts) or per action on your site like enquiry (lead gen), attending an event or buying a product online with a discount code exclusive to the influencer.
  • More influencer marketing insights:
    • When your Instagram (or the IG profile of influencers you work with) hits 10K followers, this milestone unlocks extra privileges, the most significant being the swipe-up feature allowing you to embed a web link in an IG story/post.
    • Here’s a useful article on local influencer marketing
  • Your Business Instagram Account – some housekeeping:
    • As Adrian said, you want to verify your business Instagram account. This means IG recognises your profile as an authentic presence. Request IG’s verification badge (it’s a blue tick on your profile pic) by following these steps: If you’re using an individual Instagram profile to represent your business, then follow these steps instead (be prepared to upload proof of ID like driving licence or passport)
    • Use on your Instagram bio to neatly show multiple links to all your relevant platforms or landing pages. occupies the link in your IG bio and opens up a modal with multiple links to your site, facebook, YouTube Channel, treatment landing pages etc. There’s a free version. Access here

View more live recordings like this here.

In this video we take a deeper look into the anatomy of the face, focusing on the fat pads, including:

– superficial compartments

– deep compartments

If you would like to learn more about skin anatomy click here!

Fat Pads

Fat pads are thought to be present to facilitate the gliding of muscles in movement, whilst also protecting the sensitive facial muscles from injury. It is vital we understand the facial anatomy of fat pads when delivering dermal filler treatments.

The facial fat pads can be divided into superficial and deep compartments.

Superficial Compartments:

  • Found between the skin and the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS)
  • 10 areas to be aware of in this layer:
    – Central
    – Middle Forehead
    – Lateral Temporal-Cheek
    – Lateral Orbital
    – Superior Orbital
    – Inferior Orbital
    – Nasolabial
    – Middle Cheek
    – Jowl
    – Pre-Platysma Fat

Deep Compartments: 

  • Found below the SMAS and behind the muscles
  • Offer volume and shape to the face
  • Areas to be aware of:
    – Retro-Orbicularis Oculi Fat
    – Lateral Sub-Orbicularis Oculi Fat
    – Medial Sub-Orbicularis Oculi Fat
    – Buccal Fat
    – Deep Medial Cheek Fat


July is fast approaching and now is the time to make sure you are prepared for when you reopen your clinic.

Clinical Director of Cosmetic Courses Mr Adrian Richards chats with Managing Director Jim Savin and Clinical Lead Dr Fiona Durban of Cosmetic Courses about how to prepare your clinic for opening! Including what PPE you need, how to look after your clinic, staff and patients.


In this weeks #FreeVideoFriday we recap on the structure and function of skin. Delving deeper into the 3 components which make it up: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

When it comes to aesthetic practice, skin can be overlooked. We focus alot on the anatomy and injection placement but we overlook the skin and its make up. Developing a greater understanding of this can make it easier to understand your patients and what treatments or skincare to recommend to them.

Watch below:

Interested in learning more about the skin?

We are proud to offer both practical and online courses in skin.



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Clinical director of Cosmetic Courses Mr Adrian Richards discusses the 6 indications of Hyaluronidase for your dermal filler patients.

Indications of Hyaluronidase:

1. Vascular Occlusion: when dermal filler is injected into the vessel.

2. Blindness: dermal filler injected around the eye and the carried by vein or artery into the eyeball.

3. The Tyndall Effect: superficial placement of dermal fillers reacting with light.

4. Unacceptable results: immediately wrong results that need to be addressed, wrong placement.

5. Delayed Onset Nodules: typically appears months after treatment in the sight of injection.

6. Allergic Reaction: immediate reaction to the treatment.

Watch below:

Delve deeper into aesthetic complications with our online course:

Aesthetic Complications | Online