CPL Treatment – Laser Rejuvenation

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CPL: pigmentation, acne scarring, skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing

  • Cost

    CPL as a model starts at £35

  • Results

    Some patients will see results from their first treatment others will need up to 6 sessions to fully see results

  • Downtime

    Back to work straight away

  • Aftercare

    Avoid gyms, steam rooms, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, touching the area & exposed sunlight for 48 hours after

What is CPL?

The CPL treatment is a new wave of skin rejuvenation, using light to treat skin concerns such as acne, scarring, pigmentation, rosacea, ageing and general skin wellbeing. A wave length is pulsed into the skin with immediate results of healthier, clearer skin. CPL treatment require a course of treatments for long lasting results.

You must have a full consultation and a Patch Test done 48 hours before the first treatment. We do require that you shave the area 12-24 hours prior to treatment to avoid any irritation and we ask that you do not no fake tan specify in the area being treated and stay free from tanning products for 2 weeks pre and post treatment.

The treatments itself will start with talking through your medical history and discussing your expectations from the treatment. Once this is done, the practitioner will check the area and ensure there is no hair present. After prepping the area your treatment will start, this is not particularly painful experience but some areas may be more tender than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each patient is different with their laser experiences, some say its painless and others experience a little pain. The sensation can be likened to short stings, as the treatment is performed at a fast pace discomfort is kept to minimum. At Cosmetic Courses we use the latest machinery to ensure comfort and optimum results.

Some patients will see results from their first treatment others will need up to 6 sessions to fully see results.

All patients will need to be over the age of 18 for this treatment. Our laser machine and therapists can cater for all skin types from Fitzpatrick I to VI.

If you would like your treatment to be reviewed by our practitioners, this can take place 2-3 weeks post treatment, which we offer free of charge.

To book an appointment you will first need to speak to an advisor you can contact the team directly on 01844 390110 / [email protected].

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