Using Instagram Reels For Your Clinic

Instagram is proven to be one the leading forms of marketing for any business, with high social engagement and brand awareness. As the app becomes more and more popular, the team behind our much loved visual sharing platform are adding new additions to what we can do. One of them being Instagram Reels! 

Saying NO to a Patient cosmetic courses

Recently we held a poll on our Instagram where we asked our followers (aesthetic practitioners) if they have ever said no to patient, with over 300 votes, 95% said they have said “no” before. 
The phrase “the customer is always right” has been one we have heard throughout our lives but when is the customer wrong and when can we say no?

8 Ways to Maximise Your Profits From Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine is a competitive industry. There’s always a new clinic behind you looking to poach your hard-won patients. Following these 8 tips is your best way to build a strong, resilient and profitable business.