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We use live models as patients in all of our training days to give you the maximum experience when learning your new skills

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Our team of trainers have a wealth of knowledge behind them within aesthetics and are highly accredited within their own medical professions

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We provide FREE ongoing support after your chosen training courses. Our clinical leads are on hand to answer any questions you may have

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We have 6 state of the art training clinics around the UK, including Belfast, Birmingham, Buckinghamshire, Leeds, London & Nottingham

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As the UK’s largest aesthetic training provider our award-winning courses cover a variety of Dermal Filler and Botox training to skin rejuvenation from beginner to advanced for surgeons, doctors, dentists and nurses.

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We offer four different routes to kickstart your aesthetic career from our online learning academy to our Level 7 Diploma, suiting all budgets and levels.

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  •  UK’s First Cosmetic Surgeon-Led Aesthetic Training Provider
  • Established since 2002, Teaching Over 6000 Delegates to Date
  • Expert Trainers With 133 Years of Combined Aesthetic Experience
  • Personally Tailored Training to Meet Your Needs
  • Practical Hands-On Experience
  • Unlimited Support Throughout Your Training
  • Accredited by Leading Insurance Providers

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Using Instagram Reels For Your Clinic

Using Instagram Reels For Your Clinic

Instagram is proven to be one the leading forms of marketing for any business, with high social engagement and brand awareness. As the app becomes more and more popular, the team behind our much loved visual sharing platform are adding new additions to what we can do. One of them being Instagram Reels! 
Saying NO to a Patient cosmetic courses

Saying “NO” to a Patient

Recently we held a poll on our Instagram where we asked our followers (aesthetic practitioners) if they have ever said no to patient, with over 300 votes, 95% said they have said "no" before.  The phrase "the customer is always right" has been one we have heard throughout our lives but when is the customer wrong and when can we say no?
8 Ways to Maximise Your Profits From Aesthetic Medicine

8 Ways to Maximise Your Profits From Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine is a competitive industry. There's always a new clinic behind you looking to poach your hard-won patients. Following these 8 tips is your best way to build a strong, resilient and profitable business.
Insurance Through a Pandemic - HPPB

Insurance Through a Pandemic – HPPB

The abating COVID pandemic changed many things in our lives. For some businesses the impact was immense – we have all missed our trips to the hairdresser and barber who were universally shut. Similarly the beauty, cosmetic and non-invasive aesthetics business was also almost entirely shut down.
Treating The Neck Area

Treating The Neck Area

It's a showing sign of age and a common area forgotten about but what treatments can aid an ageing neck? In this blog we delve deep into the ageing neck and discuss your treatment options when treating your patients. 
Update Botulinum Toxin and Cosmetic Fillers (Children) Bill 

Botulinum Toxin and Cosmetic Fillers (Children) Bill 

Introduced to the House of Commons in February 2020, the Botulinum Toxin and Cosmetic Fillers (Children) Bill goal is to stop the use of such treatments in under 18’s, making it an illegal offence. This bill has been produced to safeguard children from the potential health risks of botulinum toxins and dermal fillers although allowing use for assessed medical need such as hyperihidrosis.