Aspiration - Something that is widely taught, but should be discussed

Aspiration is a technique that is widely taught to new injectors as a way to assess safety to gauge if they are intravascular in position and if they should continue to inject in that place or not. However, this technique continues to be widely debated amongst injectors within the industry.

With soft tissue filler injections becoming more and more popular, injectors are continually faced with a fear of possible complications. The main complication we are taught to try and avoid is intravascular occlusion with subsequent necrosis of tissue. Aspiration is a widely taught method of trying to predict if the needle is intravascular before injecting. Aspiration is performed by pulling back on the plunger of the syringe before inserting the product, creating negative pressure in the syringe. The theory then is, that if the tip of the needle is intravascular then blood will be drawn back into the syringe causing a positive test result. The practitioner would then not inject and withdraw the needle, potentially avoiding a possible vascular occlusion.

Firstly, there is a discussion about the ability of the filler to come back up the needle and bring blood with it. The rheology of the filler, length and diameter of the needle will affect this. Another is aspirating for long enough with enough pressure. According to Poiseuille’s rheology law, aspirating a dermal filler with a higher viscosity in a longer and thinner needle is more difficult. Therefore aspirating pressure and duration must be adjusted according to dermal filler, needle, and syringe properties. This adjustment in everyday clinical practice seems unlikely given the wide variety of injectors. Some injectors often don’t fully understand the properties of every filler they use and are unlikely to change their newly learnt practice for each chosen product. That being said, the higher G prime fillers do often come with a larger gauge needle so may aspirate at a similar degree to softer products with smaller needles.

So what is the concern with aspiration and why is it being disputed?

There appears to be little argument with a positive aspiration as there are only two possibilities. Either the needle tip is intravascular or is extravascular with surrounding vascular damage. The result for the injector is the same, the injection will be halted and the needle repositioned. The concern with the technique comes from the relatively high false negative rate. This is where the needle is intravascular and there is no positive aspiration.

Another potential limitation is with the aspiration technique itself and whether the needle can be kept still whilst aspirating. If the needle is moved during or after aspiration but before injection the result will be useless. Movement is promoted by many consensus groups as a way to significantly improve safety. (3-5) With continual movement of the needle there will theoretically be less chance to inject a bolus of filler in a single vessel, with any unintentional intravascular filler being of small enough size to be dissipated harmlessly. New injectors face conflicting advice on what to do to be safe.

A possible danger is the injector’s reliance on a ‘negative’ result as it may be unclear due to the other factors mentioned. Aesthetic practitioners must be aware that there are several techniques we use to promote safety whilst injecting and aspiration forms one of those.

Practitioner preference based on their research and knowledge of the products they are using will usually be the deciding factor for whether or not to aspirate for each treatment. Nevertheless, a large majority of practitioners still favour aspiration as it does not cause any harm to the patient and can still provide useful information before injecting the product. The main agreement amongst practitioners is the desire to maintain patient safety. This remains at the forefront of each decision.

Here at Cosmetic Courses, we teach the importance of safe techniques and managing possible complications from the beginning of our delegate’s journey. This continues from a foundation to an expert level as we believe it is vital to expand our knowledge of this exciting, growing industry.

The Nurse Network and Cosmetic Courses Partnership

We are delighted to announce an exciting partnership between The Nurses Network and Cosmetic Courses.

The Nurses Network is a group of three nurses and successful business owners based all around the country! They came together because of the shared interest in creating a collaborative network within the aesthetics industry.

With an aim to support and guide practitioners through the world of aesthetics (the one we wish we all had at the start of our careers), The Nurse Network trace back their steps, and shares successes and struggles from building a career in this incredible industry!

The Nurse Network Event May

Upcoming TNN Event

Join us at the Belfry Resort and Spa for a fantastic agenda created by our members with global speakers who are leading in their field!

The event will bring you the fun and engaging atmosphere you have come to expect from The Nurses Network team! On the day we will cover a wide range of topics such as Compliance, Business as well as Combination treatments, polynucleotides and exosomes!

Agenda: A packed day of business, compliance and Regenerative Medicine

09.30 – Coffee and Pastries before the day begins!
10:00 – Housekeeping, introductions
10.30 – Tracey from Inspire to Outstand – ‘What you need to know about becoming CQC registered’
10.45 – Aesthetic Accountant – What you need to know! ‘Managing your books in Aesthetics’
11.00 – Grace- When do I know it is the right time to take on staff?
11.15 – Coffee Break and Networking
11.30 – Dr Dev Patel introduces, Regenerative medicine
12:00 – Dr George Christopoulos – The Future of Aesthetics, Polynucleotides
12.30 – Megan, How to combine Polynucleotides with RF Microneedling.
12.45 – Kate- Case study presentation, Combination therapies.
13.00 – Q/A Session
13.20 – Lunch
14:00 – Anne-Gaille Benoit – Amino Acid Replacement Therapy
14:30 – SUPRISE SPEAKER introducing Exosomes
15:05 – Target cool Introduction and live demonstration
15:30 – All speakers for an interactive Panel talk and Q/A Session
16:30 – Prosecco and photos

This will be at the Belfry resort and spa The Belfry Resort and Spa Lichfield Road, Sutton Coldfield B76 9PR on the 25th May 2024, 09:30 – 17:00.

Use the code CCOURSES10 for 10% off of a daytime or both day and evening event ticket.

Find out more information and get your tickets for this event by clicking here.


The Nurse Network Memberships

Join The Nurses Network

You can view the memberships and join The Nurses Network on their website by clicking here.

Members of The Nurses Network can take advantage of 10% off all of our aesthetics training courses and the Level 7 Diploma. This discount can also be claimed by speaking to a member of the team on 01844390110.
Nurses in TNN will also have access to discounted aesthetics insurance. This can be claimed by contacting 02039888092 or [email protected].

Find out more information about The Nurses Network by viewing their website here. They are also on Instagram & YouTube.

Getting Started In Aesthetics Partner ACE

We are excited to announce that we will be the Getting Started In Aesthetics Partner for ACE 2024.

Join us on the 15th-16th of March 2024 at the Business Design Centre in London where we will be exhibiting and delivering talks. We will be on stand G19 across the two days to discuss all of our aesthetic training courses, qualifications, and your options within aesthetics. We will also be offering some exclusive discounts for attendees!

You can register now for ACE by clicking here.

In Practice Theatre at ACE 2024

Our expert trainers will be delivering talks on Saturday 16th March in the In Practice Theatre. These talks will be centred around Getting Started in Aesthetics. If you’re new to the industry or looking to improve your confidence then this is a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge. Below you can see the agenda from our trainers.

Getting Started in Aesthetics: Managing Complications when Getting Started in Aesthetics

09:30 – 09:50 (20 minutes)

Dr Tracy Xu

Abstract: When getting started in your career in aesthetics it is important to understand the potential adverse effects that can occur and the best way to deal with them. Three learning points you can take away from this talk are: Proactive Communication, Active Listening and Lifelong Learning.

Bio: Dr. Tracy Xu, an esteemed aesthetic trainer at Cosmetic Courses and clinical director at Peonia Medical in Nottingham, brings a wealth of experience in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. With an MBBS (1st honors) and a PhD from the University of Nottingham, her journey in plastic and aesthetic surgery began in 2009. Dr. Xu is dedicated to ongoing education in aesthetic medicine, aiming to set international clinical standards.

Getting Started in Aesthetics: How to get the best results for your patients?

09:50 – 10:10 (20 minutes)

Dr Antonis Petrou-Amerikanos

Abstract: Your patients are your highest priority. Embracing a patient-focused approach when getting started in aesthetics will help you achieve the best results for every individual patient you treat. Dr Petrou-Amerikanos delves into how you can adopt a patient-centered mindset and outlines his strategies to get the best results for your patients.

Bio: Applying his dentistry background Dr Petrou-Amerikanos also holds a wealth of knowledge and experience within the aesthetic industry. Regularly attending conferences and exhibitions to keep up to date with the latest technology and techniques. His holistic approach and outstanding care to patients have seen him grow a loyal following of clients.

Getting Started in Aesthetics: What I would do differently if I was starting my career in aesthetics today.

10:10 – 10:30 (20 minutes)

Dr Olha Vorodyukhina

Abstract: This lecture will benefit medical aesthetics practitioners of all levels who want to start or elevate their medical aesthetics career. Dr. Olha will discuss the different routes of training in medical aesthetics to give you the best start today. You will learn how to build a resilient practice with a loyal patient base in a very competitive industry. The Timeless IMAGE of a medical aesthetics practitioner.

Bio: Dental Surgeon with Special Interest in Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine
Business Owner Angels Twelve clinic
Clinical Lead Cosmetic Courses Midlands
KOL Sinclair and Evolus
Author of the book ‘Beyond the mirror’

Getting Started in Aesthetics: Q&A Session

10:30 – 11:00 (30 minutes)

Dr Tracy Xu, Dr Antonis Petrou-Amerikanos, Dr. Olha Vorodyukhina and Mr Adrian Richards.

Please note that all sessions at ACE 2024 are free-to-attend and seats will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please arrive 10 minutes before sessions start as spaces will fill quickly. You can register for ACE by clicking here.

Award Winning Foundation Aesthetics Training to set you up for Success

We have seen on our recent Foundation Botox and Dermal Filler Training Courses that medical professionals (doctors, dentists, nurses, and surgeons) want to learn everything in the shortest time possible. We understand this but will it make us good injectors?

Something one of our aesthetic trainers, Dr Matt Perks sees very often is that after the Foundation Botox and Dermal Filler Training Day, some delegates feel lost and overwhelmed. Due to there being no set structure within a career in aesthetics, it’s something a lot of NHS professionals struggle with. So how do Cosmetic Courses help medical professionals get started in aesthetics?

Aesthetics Structure

  • We try and offer as much as possible while still ensuring patient safety.
  • We will cover both Botox techniques and Dermal Filler techniques in a way that you will be fully equipped to go and practise.
  • We provide unlimited support after your training course so you can get the answers to your questions.

How can you set yourself up for success?

  • Please complete the pre-course reading and learning before your training day. This will ensure that you are set up for success and have a strong platform for when you start.
  • You will be able to do ‘upper face Botox’ at the end of the session so think of 3 people that you could treat. Take before pictures and ask for some advice on injecting from your trainer. The same goes for Dermal Filler treatments. Our aesthetics trainers will do everything we can to ensure you are ready to go, and getting some advice on your first patient is a good way to start.
  • Don’t wait too long before booking your next training. I say to all of my delegates, do a training practice three times then add more training. This is a great way to practise and consolidate your knowledge and not lose the muscle memory from the practical on the day. At the start of your career, you’ll want to learn a lot to feel confident. The starter package is a great way to do this.
  • Continue to ask for help. You can always email us asking for help. Our trainers are always here to help with cases, complications and any questions about medical or business topics.

Upcoming Foundation Courses

For a limited time, we have 10% off our Foundation Botox and Dermal Filler Training Course when you use the discount code CC24 in the cart. This discount is available for all Foundation Botox and Dermal Filler Training Courses across all Cosmetic Courses Training Clinics.

We have a special offer running when you refer a friend. If you refer a friend to us, you will both get 20% off your next aesthetics training course. Find out more about our referral scheme by clicking here.

Upcoming Foundation Aesthetics Training Dates

27th January – Buckinghamshire
28th January – Leeds – 3 Spaces Left

10th February – Birmingham – 2 Spaces Left
17th February – Nottingham
22nd February – Glasgow – 2 Spaces Left
24th February – Buckinghamshire
25th February – Leeds – 3 Spaces Left

2nd March – Nottingham
9th March – Birmingham
9th March – London – 3 Spaces Left
11th March – Glasgow
13th March – Belfast
16th March – Buckinghamshire

Click here to view more information and book an upcoming training course.

Level 7 Diploma Questions

In this blog post, we are going to take a look at the most common Level 7 Diploma questions that we receive from medical professionals. The Level 7 Diploma is a JCCP approved and VTCT certified clinical aesthetics diploma in injectable treatments for medical professionals considering a career in aesthetic medicine and those already practising but looking to obtain formal recognition for their knowledge and skills.

Why should I complete Level 7?

With the new regulations coming into the aesthetics industry in the future, it will be a requirement that you must be Level 7 qualified to be able to carry out Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers. We recommend that you stay a step ahead. Getting started before regulation comes into effect will mean your business should not be affected and you should be able to carry on treating.

Who can complete Level 7?

Below is a list of the medical professions that are eligible to complete the Level 7 Diploma.

• Registered Doctor
• Registered Dentist
• Registered Dental Hygienists
• Registered Dental Therapists
• Registered Nurse
• Registered Midwife
• Registered Pharmacist
• Registered Physiotherapist
• Registered Paramedic

I have completed my Foundation Botox and Dermal Filler Training Course

A common question we receive from Delegates looking to complete the Level 7  Diploma is “If I have completed my Foundation Training Course previously, do I have to complete it again for Level 7?”

If you have completed your Foundation Training you do not need to complete it again as part of your Level 7 Diploma. We would require a copy of your Foundation certificate and the price of this aesthetics training course will be deducted from the Level 7 Diploma fee.

How many in-person training days will there be?

There are two options depending on your previous experience. If you have previously completed your Foundation Botox and Dermal Filler Training Course then you will have four in-person training days. If you are completing Level 7 Diploma with the Foundation Botox and Dermal Filler Training Course, you will have a total of five in-person days. These training days will include:
Foundation Botox and Dermal Filler Training Course
Observation Day (x2)
Practical Day (x2)

Level 7 Diploma Delegate Testimonials

Why Complete your Level 7 Diploma with Cosmetic Courses?

  • 100% delegate pass rate
  • Live model patients are used rather than model heads.
  • The practical experience provided will help you in getting hired at leading clinics.
  • All practical education sessions are completed in our training clinics to provide you with the best learning experience.
  • We are considered/rated the best aesthetics training provider. Winner of the “Best Independent Training Prover of the Year” at the Aesthetics Awards.

New Year New Career

Develop your aesthetics career in 2024!

For a limited time, we are offering 10% Off the Level 7 Aesthetics Diploma. Use Code: CC24 to claim your discount at the checkout or you can book a call with our Level 7 Coordinator for more information by clicking here.

Aesthetics Awards 2024 Finalist - Cosmetic Courses

We are delighted to announce that we are a finalist at the Aesthetics Awards 2024 for “The Prollenium Award for Independent Training Provider of the Year” Award.

The Aesthetics Awards is the most prestigious and longest-standing awards ceremony for medical aesthetics in the UK. They bring together the very best in aesthetic medicine. Their ethos is to endorse excellence in the medical aesthetic specialty, continually striving to improve best practice, safety and regulation, and recognise product innovations.

You can vote for us in the first voting category: The Prollenium Award for Independent Training Provider of the Year – Click here to vote for us.

Aesthetics Awards 2024 Finalist Cosmetic Courses

Cosmetic Courses

“Since 2002, we’ve been at the forefront of medical aesthetic training, delivering top-tier aesthetics education to medical professionals. Our core principles of experience, quality, and success define our teaching approach. Enhancing the safety of the aesthetics industry by offering high-calibre training led by our esteemed clinical director, Mr. Adrian Richards, and delivered by our highly experienced faculty.

We create confident injectors with hands-on training in clinical environments, under the mentorship of industry experts, fostering a safer future in aesthetics. Our devoted team provides unwavering support, ensuring our delegates thrive in the industry with a range of comprehensive resources.”

Click here to vote for us on the Aesthetics Awards website.

Aesthetic Awards 2024

The Aesthetics Awards Ceremony takes place on the 16th of March 2024 at the glamorous Grosvenor House in London. It is a fabulous night out and a great opportunity to network with fellow professionals in the aesthetics industry. The team from Cosmetic Courses will also be there, so make sure you come and say hello!

You can get your tickets by clicking here.

Congratulations to all the other training providers announced as Finalists for this award.

ReLife Hydrobooster BACN Article

The BACN recently posted an article on ReLife’s DefinisseTM  Hydrobooster: This isn’t just any skin booster, this is ReLife Hydrobooster.

“In today’s thriving aesthetic market, where a multitude of products vie for attention, the ReLife Company’s Hydrobooster has emerged in the medical aesthetics industry. It is a mesotherapy product with a scientifically established foundation, Kleine-Borger et al (2022) consisting of a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerol. In this article, we will delve into what sets the ReLife Hydrobooster apart and why medical professionals should consider training in its application.”

You can read the full article on the BACN’s Website by clicking here.

We are excited to be working alongside ReLife to offer medical professionals training in their Hydrobooster. With more training dates added for 2024, find out how you can offer your patients not only immediate improvements but also sustained benefits. This aesthetic training will be offered in our training clinics across the United Kingdom. (Buckinghamshire, London, Nottingham, Leeds, Glasgow)

Book your free Hydrobooster Training by clicking below.

We are excited to announce that we received the Highly Commended for The Best Aesthetic Education and Training Award at the Diamond Awards 2023 by Safety in Beauty.

Our passion is to make the aesthetics industry a safer place by providing delegates with high-quality training from our vastly experienced and skilled trainers led by our Clinical Director and Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards. We pride ourselves on the quality of our courses and the expertise of our trainers to ensure our delegates are trained to the highest standard. All of which is helping to shape a safer future within aesthetics.

Diamond Awards 2023

This award is a recognition of all the hard work our trainers and admin team put in to provide the best service and training to all our delegates. We are extremely proud of this achievement and would like to thank Safety in Beauty for putting on such a great event.

Safety in Beauty Awards 2023

Cosmetic Courses Trainers at the Forefront of the Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the aesthetics industry, staying at the forefront of the industry is crucial. As the UK’s leading training provider and winner of the “Best Independent Training Provider of the Year” at the 2023 Aesthetics Awards, we have to stay one step ahead. Our team of expert trainers are always attending the latest events and conferences to broaden their knowledge of innovative developments, technologies and techniques. All of which help in shaping the future of aesthetics. So what are our trainers doing to stay at the forefront of the industry?

DermaFocus Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine Conference

Our team of trainers attended the first Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine Conference in the United Kingdom, held by DermaFocus. Otherwise known as the Home of Polynucleotides, DermaFocus holds the UK’s first polynucleotide and HA combination products. Industry leaders visited the conference to find out about the brands on the market, watch and deliver speeches and experience new products in this field first-hand.

Polynucleotide Training Course

In partnership with Dermafocus, we are now offering our delegates training in the revolutionary Mastelli’s Polynucleotides. Having the ability to offer your patients Polynucleotides will set you aside from other aesthetic practitioners who don’t offer this treatment. Cosmetic Courses Trainers, Dr Olha Vorodyukhina, Dr Antonis Petrou-Amerikanos and Tracey Dennison will teach you how to perform this revolutionary treatment in the safest way to provide the best results for your patients.

View our upcoming dates for our Polynucleotide Training Course by clicking here.

Dr Olha talking about Yotsuba

Our Clinical Lead, Dr Olha Vorodyukhina delivered a lecture about a unique range of Japanese supplements called Yotsuba. Yotsuba is a Japanese brand that can help us optimise treatment results for patients by targeting the ageing process on a cellular level. Based in Osaka, they manufacture technologies influenced by Japanese core traditions and are leading the food and skin supplement production. Dr Olha gave a speech on the brand and its products following her own trials in the clinic.

Dr Olha featured in the Aesthetics Journal

Dr Olha has a two-page spread in November’s issue of the Aesthetics Journal (Pages 60-61) about creating referral pathways for your patients. It delves into the importance of establishing a referral pathway in aesthetics and how it can contribute to the success of your clinic.

The Aesthetics Journal offers practitioners access to top educational content, as well as business tips and clinical advice from industry experts and suppliers.

Black Friday 2023

Learn from industry-leading expert trainers who will help you achieve your aesthetic career goals. Our Black Friday Sale has started for previous delegates who have trained with us. Check your emails for the password to take advantage of early access to all our latest offers. Our Black Friday Sale will be available to everyone on 20/11/2023.

Click here to view our Black Friday Offers.

Skin Rejuvenation Poll

We recently held a poll on our Instagram asking our followers what skin rejuvenation treatments they preferred out of the following options:
Skin Boosters / PRP
Intravenous Nutrition Therapy

Poll Results


Pick your favorite skin rejuvenation treatment Poll

It’s no surprise that Skin Boosters and Platelet Rich Plasma were the most popular treatments in the Skin Rejuvenation Poll with Polynucleotides not far behind.


Due to the high interest from our poll, we will be introducing a training course in Mastelli’s Polynucleotides. Polynucleotides are natural, highly purified DNA molecules that are injected into the skin to repair tissue and boost skin quality.

Coming to Cosmetic Courses on 14/12/23. Click here to book your space.

Skin Boosters

We offer medical professionals the latest approach to injectable skincare with our Skin Booster Training Course. This training course will cover three different types of skin boosters including Profhilo, Definisse Hydrobooster, and Redensity.

Profhilo is a well-known, revolutionary injectable treatment used for skin rejuvenation and hydration.

Definisse Hydrobooster combines the established clinical benefits of hyaluronic acid and glycerol to improve skin hydration, skin tone, and elasticity.

Redensity 1 is an injectable treatment designed to improve skin quality, hydration, and overall appearance.

We provide you with live model patients for the practical element of the training course to maximise your learning experience. You will learn proper aseptic techniques, potential contraindications, and how to minimise risks and post-treatment care. Having live model patients will give you experience in dealing with patients whilst treating them and knowing the correct product selection.

View upcoming Skin Booster Training Course dates by clicking here.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is one of our most popular training courses. Our Platelet Rich Plasma Training Course will teach you about this innovative approach in using our body’s growth factors in order for the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself for skin rejuvenation and hair loss.
This treatment is an excellent add-on to your aesthetic clinic as there is very little downtime, long-lasting results, and PRP can be used to complement other aesthetic procedures such as dermal fillers.
View upcoming Skin Booster Training Course dates by clicking here.

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Rejuvenation Training Online Course

Our Online Course on PRP for Hair Rejuvenation contains key information and demonstrational videos covering the background of PRP in aesthetic medicine, growth factors in the human body and a demonstration video of PRP for Hair Rejuvenation by our expert trainer Sinead. This is a great course for overseas delegates looking to learn about this innovative approach to skin and hair rejuvenation.

View our Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Rejuvenation Training Online Course by clicking here.

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