Insights from a Level 7 Delegate

The world of medical aesthetics can be very daunting, especially when a majority of medical professionals come from an NHS background. There may be a multitude of reasons why we chose to come into the field, but a very common thought is “How could I possibly start doing aesthetics after just one day of training?”

The level 7 Qualification is definitely the place to begin your aesthetic journey if you want to have the depth of knowledge, and some confidence to start to treat patients on your own. Our trainer Dr Matt Perks who completed the Level 7 Diploma shares his insights from gaining the aesthetics qualification.

Insights from a Level 7 Delegate

There is an extensive online learning platform that will go into the physiology of toxins and fillers, how they are made, why we use them and how we can best serve our patients. Important subjects are often missed on one-off training days; like ethics, business strategies, psychology and anatomy are covered before starting to inject. This helped me immensely in understanding why I was doing something on the practical days, rather than copy and repeat. In the NHS I would often be given a set number of cases I needed to do before I could be signed off as competent. This is exactly what the Level 7 Diploma gives you. You have a number of cases in which you observe an experienced injector, then after logging these and reflecting on them. You’ll be in a better position to start injecting patients in a supervised environment.

We often see on social media that aesthetic practitioners are ‘anatomy trained’ ‘complication trained’ and ‘advanced insured practitioners’. These phrases don’t mean anything and should be the foundation for every professional doing aesthetic injectables. The Level 7 Diploma gives you all of these and more and is the perfect foundation to start a successful career in aesthetics injectables.

Level 7 Diploma

The Level 7 Diploma is a JCCP approved and VTCT certified clinical aesthetics diploma in injectable treatments for medical professionals considering a career in aesthetic medicine and those already practising but looking to obtain formal recognition for their knowledge and skills. With regulation coming into the aesthetics industry, you will need to make sure you meet the requirements to perform aesthetic treatments. Find out more about the Level 7 Diploma by clicking here. You can book a call with our Level 7 Coordinator by clicking here if you want to find out more information.