Consentz – The Medical Practice Software Company

Cosmetic Courses is proud to work Consentz, the forward thinking medical practice software company.

A comprehensive suite of easy-to-use practice management tools, Consentz builds patient relationships with powerful patient engagement and education tools, while significantly reducing the time burden in note taking and administration, all captured using state-of-the-art encryption.

The Consentz Story:

Consentz is a market leading designer, developer and deliverer of healthcare management technology solutions. This technology is specifically designed for a comprehensive end to end management of patient – medical practitioner relationships.

Consentz sets itself apart as a business that didn’t start as an IT company and develop a piece of software, but as a business born out of a frustration and unmet need in the daily lives of practitioners. Consentz is human, other tech solutions are “software”. For Consentz, maximizing every single relationship is important – the patient with the clinician, the clinician with their admin support, the clinic with Consentz, Consentz with its partners. Value is created through the power of unleashing the potential in every relationship.

Consentz is headquartered in London, UK and was founded in 2012 with a combination between medical practitioner and blue-chip expertise. Consentz is ISO27001 internationally accredited as well as a G-Cloud approved supplier for the UK government’s digital marketplace. Consentz regularly tests its security with a global third-party security company, and all data is encrypted.

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