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Setting up cosmetic insurance is a key aspect when setting up your aesthetic business. So it is important that you pick the right insurance for you. At Cosmetic Courses, we are proud to be a gold training partner with Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance. With 20 years of experience, Hamilton Fraser offer industry leading cosmetic insurance services protecting practitioners in their practice of cosmetic treatments.

Who are Hamilton Fraser Insurance?

Whilst affordable and practical, Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance is one of the UK’s leading providers for cosmetic insurance policies. In addition to insuring clinics, Hamilton Fraser works closely alongside manufacturers, training companies and distributors within the industry. Hamilton Fraser offers comprehensive, specialist and flexible cover, whether it be for surgeries or specialist clinics, offering cover tailored to your needs; their insurance can cover Medical Malpractice, surgery and of course clinic insurance.

Medical Liability insurance will protect you against allegations of negligence and malpractice carrying out cosmetic procedures, whilst clinic and surgery insurance will protect the premises of your business. With malpractice claims becoming increasingly expensive, malpractice insurance is essential for cosmetic professionals. This can cover any costs you may become legally liable to pay as a result of cosmetic treatments or advice you have provided your patients with. In addition to this, it is important to protect your premises and equipment.

Why Choose Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance?

  • Hamilton Fraser work with multiple leading industry leaders including high profile practitioners, manufacturers, training providers and distributors
  • With 20 years experience and extensive knowledge, Hamilton Fraser are on hand to provide expert advice to help you decide on the best policy for you
  •  You are offered a tailor made service to meet the unique need of your business, therefore you can select the right policy for you
  •  Hamilton Fraser offers wide-ranging building and contents protection for your clinic and its specialist cosmetic equipment
  •  Hamilton Fraser also offer multiple purchase discounts if you choose to buy more than one policy

Website: www.cosmetic-insurance.com

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