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All-in-one patient booking system

Pabau is a complete online clinic management software to help you manage your clinic effectively and improve workflow. 

Pabau CRM enables you to manage your staff schedule, patient records and capture new leads all from within same place.

Customize Pabau to your clinic to see the benefits of managing all aspects of your aesthetic practice from one piece of software.

Simple Appointment scheduler 

An innovative, touch capable appointment book that works seamlessly to simplify and streamline your clinic’s booking process.

Appointments will update & appear in real-time, and you can easily move around appointments using the drag-and-drop features.

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24/7 Online Bookings

Pabau online bookings enable your business to scale up by accepting bookings 24/7, and reducing the amount of time you spend on taking bookings over the phone.

Share your bookings page with your customers. It’s customisable, so you can choose how much of your schedule to show. Every new booking is synchronised with your Pabau appointment calendar.

Reporting & analytics

If you can quantify something, Pabau software can track it and report on it, thus making it easy to allocate your budget and your resources more astutely.

Including, monthly sales, bookings, trends, retention rates and inventory levels.

Straightforward Payments

With Pabau’s unique and stylish point of sale interface, invoicing is extremely straightforward.

Set up a price list and charge for treatments and products, calculate profit, and work out practitioner commission. Apply variable pricing, by clinic, insurance company, or practitioner.

Use Pabau’s no show protection option to create your own cancellation policies. Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations y taking online deposits via Pabau.

Paperless Health Records

Pabau Go is an entirely paperless app to supplement our web version. This makes it easy for medical professionals to empower your business to have an entirely paperless journey.

Pabau will handle the entire patient journey to significantly reduce time spent on tasks such as consenting, medical questionnaires, and photos.

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advanced Marketing features

Pabau boasts the most extensive inbuilt marketing tools on the market.

Use Pabau’s vouchers and gift card tools to increase your sales by sending specific promotions and discounts via email or SMS.

Our recall system is our way of helping you stay on top of recalling clients. Schedule follow-ups to your clients’ appointments to promote patient retention and increase revenue. When you are completely booked, add people on a waiting list if a new empty slot suits them.

Reward your most loyal clients and ensure their return with our sophisticated points-based loyalty system and referral tracking program.

Convert leads into customers effectively 

Turn looks into leads. Seamlessly populate & score visitor data from your website into your CRM system. Publish spam-free forms, and create time and context-sensitive contact strategies.

Write your own rules. Simplify and streamline your sales processes based on your unique business needs. Automatically assign leads and customers to the staff best qualified to handle them.

manage employees schedule

The Pabau staff manager module is an all-in-one HR software made for small and medium businesses. You can manage your staff with focus and see what you can do to improve staff productivity.

Improve the way you hire talents, manage commissions, and develop a positive, productive, and company-friendly culture.

Pabau Schedule Manager makes opening diaries a breeze. You can save rota templates and repeat shifts with just a few clicks.

Multiple stock options

From the first day you start using the Pabau system you can rest assured that your stock is being accurately maintained at the level you require by conducting inventory count, purchasing orders, and managing suppliers.

Pabau will work with some of your favourite distributors to ensure you can create quick and easy orders direct from your Pabau account.

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