Do you ever wonder why Brad and Angie always look beautifully put together and ready for the red carpet? Some say it’s genetic, that their beauty is the reason they are famous in the first place, and that their money will allow them to go “under the knife” to preserve their youth.

But only a few know the secret of Hollywood. And now they are letting us in on it.

The Dermaroller

Although the Dermaroller resembles an instrument of torture, people with youthful skin swear by it because it produces healthy, supple, bright skin. It also eliminates the need for many different cosmetic and plastic surgeries. The Dermaroller is a small roller covered in tiny needles, designed to prick the skin and stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen.

Does it Work?

Dr. Sach Mohan of Transform clinics says, “It’s the latest thing on the block, and it is phenomenal…it harnesses the skin’s ability to repair and regenerate itself.”

Although this “torture method” causes people to grimace, it is wildly popular. Therapists apply topical anasthetic over the area prior to use, completely bypassing the risk of going under general anasthetics. This minimizes any pain and discomfort associated with the Dermaroller.

Does it Bleed?

It does cause minimal bleeding, but the therapists immediately apply a second cream to treat the bleeding. The patient generally looks pink and sunburned immediately after the surgery. A day after the procedure, the patient’s skin looks smooth and healthy. Healthcare professionals recommend having six consecutive monthly treatments for lasting effects.

A Growing Trend

The Dermaroller is a rapidly increasing trend. This is a breakthrough technology that prevents patients from having to undergo risky systemic anasthetics, invasive treatments, and long recoveries. Facelifts are becoming a thing of the past.

And facelifts have never completely taken care of rough, scarred, and stretch marked areas. Or skin that’s not on your face. “As people grow older the skin in the back of the hands becomes crepey,” says Mohan. “We’re now using volumising injections. They involve a single injection in the back of the hands.”

What’s Next?

The Dermaroller is the hottest breakthrough in cosmetic treatments. However, cosmetic advancements are already underway: topical botox without a needle. “topical application of botox which can penetrate the skin into the muscle,” explains Mohan. “In the future it’s going to be all about minimal discomfort and minimal bruising. That’s the holy grail.”