Question :

Hi Cosmetic Courses,
I’m not sure whether you can help with this?

I have been asked by someone I will be working for, giving Botox /dermal filler injections, whether I am
registered with the Healthcare Commission.

Apparently this is a Commission for places rather than people / things and I was wondering whether I had to register here or if there was a Loop-hole around it?

Many thanks for your advice.

Answer :

You are right that the Healthcare Commission monitor premises rather than individuals.

If your future employers are a Medical Practice then they should be registered with them.

As you may know, Mr Adrian Richards of Cosmetic Courses does regular podcasts on topics such as this with Ron Myers from the Consulting rooms.

Ron is extremely knowledgeable about topics such as this so we will ask Ron for his opinion on your query.

Ron what are your views on this?

Ron Myers:  “Care Quality Commission registration should only apply (currently) if you are offering cosmetic surgery procedures (you should be fine if you only offer laser/IPl & injectables).”