Using Dermal Filler In The Jaw | VIDEO

Clinical Director of Cosmetic Courses and Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Adrian Richards discusses the use of dermal filler in the jaw in this video.

The number one area for dermal fillers as we’ve mentioned before is the cheeks. The number two would be the lips and number three jaw.

If your patient is looking to define the jaw, we can use dermal filler injections in this area to make it more prominent.

Dermal filler would draw her jaw backwards and give a her a defined jawline, whilst accentuating the angles of the face.

When treating the face, it is important to look at the face as whole and adopt a holistic approach. This means that if you are treating the jaw, perhaps the cheeks would benefit from some additional volume to produce a proportioned face.

Each patient should be treated individually after a consultation where you will discuss their treatment options and work with them to create a bespoke plan which incorporates their ideals, budget and your knowledge.

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