It’s no secret that non-surgical treatments have taken the world by storm. Recent news has researched that Liverpool has become Britain’s hotspot for non-surgical tweaks. With Dentists waiting rooms, backs of salons and even “Botox parties” all offering injectables. The importance of finding a safe, perfect practitioner grows increasingly stronger. 

Non-surgical treatments when done correctly can create fantastic, life changing results. They help boost confidence while often being more affordable with less downtime than cosmetic surgery.

Although a quick fix, at a cheap price can seem tempting. It’s important that you do your research in finding the perfect practitioner!

What to look for in finding your practitioner…

  1. Registered medical professionals:

The aesthetics industry is thriving, everybody and anybody wants to practice injectables for extra income. With little regulation in the industry, patients need to be aware of who is doing their treatments. At Cosmetic Courses we only teach registered Dr’s, Nurses & Dentists. Their registration and qualifications can be checked which shows us that they are practicing as medical practitioners in their respective fields. Although fairly uncommon, complications can occur following any aesthetic procedure. It is important to know your practitioner is knowledgeable and can deal with them quickly and efficiently should they arise .

You can check if your practitioner is a registered medical professional on the following sites by simply searching their name:

These sites are free to use and can help you in making an important decision!

  1. Examples of their work: 


It’s easy to claim other practitioners work as your own. A google search for lip fillers can bring up thousands of before and afters including many celebrities who have had the treatment. Practitioners that either rely celebrity before and afters (which isn’t their work) or have no before and afters, are ones to be wary of. A good artist likes to show off their work. Picasso never put forward Michelangelo’s work in order to advertise his own. So why would a practitioner put forward someone else’s work to advertise their own?

Those who are confident in their results are happy to post or show before and afters. Many of their patients will also be willing to help other potential patients understand the treatment and their results better by allowing the use of their photos as well as writing raving reviews. Plus, the more before and afters they have, often means the more patients they have treated- and potentially more experience!

  1. Clinical environment: 


The environment in which the practitioner is treating from can tell you a lot. At Cosmetic Courses we advise all of our delegates to practice in clinical environments. Such as setting up their own clinic, joining an existing clinic or implementing it into their current clinic.  Practitioners will have on hand all the consumables and wash facilities they need to treat you and the injectables are kept in the required conditions.

  1. Pre and after care:

If you are thinking of having any non-surgical treatment, even if you have already had treatment done before it is important that your practitioner offers you a consultation. This allows them to assess the problem area and understand why you want the treatment done. Some time  from the consultation to the actual treatment day should be offered to allow you to think about what you are having done and raise any further questions you may have. Your practitioner needs to also provide and talk you through aftercare to ensure you are fully informed on what to expect and if any complications arise, how to handle them or who to contact.

Non-surgical treatments are continuing to rise in popularity and anybody can claim to be a practitioner. It is important that you always check thoroughly the practitioner, previous work and the clinic before booking anywhere. 

Non-Surgical Treatments at Cosmetic Courses

At Cosmetic Courses we train medical professionals in the field of aesthetics. Our comprehensive training days allow delegates to get hands on experience from the help of our team of CC models.

Being a CC model means that you receive high quality treatment using products such as Allergan’s Botox® & Juvederm dermal filler under the watchful eye and instruction from our team of expert trainers.

As you are having your treatment administered in a training environment the price of treatment will be considerably lower than most high street clinics. You can expect there to be experienced trainers watching the procedure and sometimes demonstrating different techniques themselves.

It’s important to understand that all practitioners who come to our courses already have established medical backgrounds with the relevant transferable skills and knowledge to help them move into the aesthetic field.


To find out more about becoming a CC Model visit our model page or contact our friendly team on 01844 390110 / [email protected]