On the 5th July we held another successful Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping Masterclass with ENT Surgeon Mr Ash Labib.

What is Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping Masterclass?

A non-surgical rhinoplasty, also known as non-surgical nose reshaping is an advanced technique whereby you inject a bespoke combination of Botox and dermal fillers into your clients nose to reshape contour irregularities.

Due to recent advancements in techniques and products available, this procedure is quickly becoming an effective alternative to a traditional surgical nose job. With little downtime for your patient, minimal pain and in some cases only taking as little as 15 minutes to complete, introducing this advanced dermal filler technique into your practice can push you ahead of your competition.

Find out why a non-surgical rhinoplasty is a safer approach to nose re-contouring than traditional surgical techniques in this short video by Mr Ash Labib himself:

What are the main benefits of a Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping Masterclass?

  • It only takes 15 minutes to perform, coining the term ‘Lunchtime Nose Job’
  • It appeals to anyone who possibly can’t afford surgery as it’s only 10% of the price of a surgical rhinoplasty
  • It will also appeal to those individuals looking for a ‘quick fix’ for a special occasion who don’t want to endure the downtime of a surgical procedure
  • You can make subtle changes as well as more definite reshaping and modelling of a range of nasal deformities
  • Results last any between 12 and 18 months as it’s a relatively static area

Patient Results at Cosmetic Courses

Our non-surgical rhinoplasty masterclass is offered by leading specialist and UK Allergan ambassador Mr Ash Labib in our Buckinghamshire clinic, approximately 40 minutes outside of London. If you’re interested in attending a course in non-surgical nose reshaping or would like some further information on what the course involves, please feel free to contact our course co-ordinators.