Are you a dentist thinking about a career in aesthetics? Here are four reasons why it could be a great move for you.

 1. You’ll be a natural 

As a dentist, you’re great with injections, have an aesthetic eye (particularly if you’ve taken additional cosmetic dentistry courses), and have specialist training in the oral and maxillofacial areas.

And unlike most medical professionals, the face is where you spend your whole working day.

With an expert understanding of facial anatomy, you arguably have a head start over many other medical professionals when it comes to administering facial treatments. And the chances are you’ll be better equipped to deal with any complications that arise too.

2. You’ll increase your income

Attending one of our Botox and filler courses for dentists will offer a real shot in the arm for your career. Firstly because you’ll be able to offer Botox and filler treatments to enhance your service to your dental patients.

If they’re generally unhappy with their mouth area, you can offer extra treatments to help – for example, adding volume to lips, improving nose-mouth grooves or reducing marionette lines – alongside the dental work they need.

This is probably the easiest win, as it creates a new income stream from your existing patients. But you’ll also attract new aesthetic patients who may not have come to you for dental treatment alone.

Once you’ve won their trust with great treatments, they may choose you for their dental work too.

3. Your days will be more varied

Though you may love your dentistry work, and enjoy patient contact, sometimes you’d like to have a break from fillings!

Training in Botox and fillers will give you the flexibility of a ‘portfolio’ career. You can split your working week in a way that suits you. You might want to dedicate certain days to aesthetic treatments, or break up your days by allocating some appointments to aesthetics and some to dentistry. Either way, you’ll never be bored!

4. Your friends and family will love you!

Ask anybody who knows you, and they’ll tell you how great it is to be acquainted with a dentist. When it comes to our health and our bodies, it’s incredibly handy to have an expert we know and trust who we can ask for advice – or better still, go to for our treatment.

And if that dentist is also able to offer safe, effective anti-ageing treatments, even better!

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