Have you just completed your Foundation Botox Training day? Or perhaps you did your training a while ago and haven’t put your new skills into practice? Either way, injecting your first few patients can be extremely daunting. You worry whether your technique and placement are exactly right. What if something goes wrong? Well don’t worry. We are here to advise you on how to avoid complications from Botox treatments as well as how to manage them with the launch of our Managing Complications Online Course hosted by Clinical Director Mr Adrian Richards.

Patient Assessment

During your basic Botox training you are taught the fundamental skills to provide your patients with a safe and effective upper face Botox treatment. However, there are times when you may need to tweak the dosages or placement of the Botox to provide your patients with optimum results. This could be in circumstances where your patient has heavy brows or asymmetric muscle activity, for example. It is important as you develop as an aesthetic practitioner that you understand these slight differences and how to adapt your injection technique to ensure your patient is happy with their results.

This development starts with assessing your patient’s face. Look for any asymmetry or heaviness. Is there an eyelid or brow ptosis to begin with? A thorough analysis of the face prior to injection will have dual benefits. Firstly, it will allow you to see whether you may need to adapt your injection technique or dosages. Secondly, it will mean your patient will become aware of any irregularities prior to having their Botox treatment. Taking before photographs can also help you highlight this.

Minimising Risks from Botox

Our primary aim as aesthetic practitioners is to minimise the risk of complications occurring by having high-quality training and continually developing our skills. But remember, complications do occur. It is inevitable that during your aesthetic career you will have a patient return with a complication, however minor. The important part, as Mr Richards outlines in this video series is knowing the danger zones to avoid to minimise the risk of complications as well as potential solutions should it occur.

Launching our Managing Complications Online Course

Our Clinical Director Mr Adrian Richards has created a complete video series to help you develop as an aesthetic practitioner. He will guide you on how to assess your patient’s face to provide a safe and effective upper face Botox treatment, how to adapt your injections for optimal results, areas to avoid to prevent complications occurring and what to do if a complication does occur. We also have two bonus chapters covering the advanced Botox techniques of lower face Botox and a chemical brow lift.

The series includes:

  • Assessing the Forehead – Heavy Brows (Brow Ptosis)
  • How to Avoid Heavy Brows
  • How to Deal with Asymmetric Eyebrows
  • How to Avoid Spock Brows
  • Why Eyelid Ptosis Occurs
  • How to Perform a Chemical Brow Lift
  • Lower Face Botox

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Cosmetic Courses are the UK’s largest and longest-running provider of Botox training offering courses in Leeds, Birmingham, London and Buckinghamshire. With a team of expert trainers we are here to guide you through your entire career in all elements of setting up your aesthetic clinic. If you would like any further information on our training courses please feel free to contact our course co-ordinators who would be happy to assist you.


Cosmetic Courses was founded to address the growing UK market and demand for professional training in aesthetic procedures and products. Over the years we have been successfully running combined training courses in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal fillers to the medically qualified, providing injection techniques to the complete novice or the highly experienced practitioner. The courses are devised to enable you to reach your optimum educational needs in the aesthetic medical field in preparation to immediately incorporate these procedures into your practice.

We are now able to offer you the facility to watch Mr Adrian Richards, Leading Plastic Surgeon and Director of Cosmetic Courses provide valuable information on Cosmetic Courses.  To view these videos please visit our YouTube Channel.

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