With demand for aesthetic treatments growing fast, and more professionals looking to enter the industry, the number of aesthetic training providers is expanding too.

Which means if you’re a medical professional looking to train in aesthetics, you’ve more choice than ever. But given the number of providers out there, it’s important to do your research and find the right provider for you.

If you’ve landed here, we guess you’re considering us (thanks!). So to give you a flavour of what you can expect, here are 5 reasons to consider our Aesthetic Training Courses…

1. Our team 

We think the number one reason to choose us is the thing we’re most proud of – our people. The Cosmetic Courses team, handpicked and led by Consultant Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards, go the extra mile for our delegates.

All of them have excellent medical credentials and bags of experience. That’s a given. But what sets them apart – and what we consistently receive great feedback for – is their approach.

Our team understand that you need a little hand-holding while you’re learning, and in the early days after training. So we’ll always be there to help and support you throughout. We don’t just provide training – we see ourselves as a lifelong learning partner for our delegates.

2. Our history

We’ve been doing this for a long time. We’re the UK’s most established provider of aesthetic training courses, starting life back in 2002.

Over those 13 years, we’ve continuously refined and developed our courses, and added several new ones, in order to make sure we’re offering the best aesthetic training available in the UK.

To date, we’ve successfully trained and mentored over 3,000 Doctors, Dentists and Nurses, many of whom are now running their own successful businesses – and 72% of whom came back for more training.

3. Our comprehensive service

There are plenty of challenges involved in changing career. So we’re determined to make the training part as easy and hassle-free as possible for our delegates.

We provide all the models and resources you need for your training. All you need to do is turn up on the day, ready to learn.

We also offer a bespoke, tailored service that lets you piece together a comprehensive training plan to suit your specific needs.

4. Our business support

As a medical professional, the practical side to aesthetics should come easily to you. But if you want to work for yourself, you’ll need to know about the ins and outs of running a business too.

So we’ve put measures in place to help you.

Once you’ve completed one of our aesthetic training courses, you’ll get access to the Members area of our website. Rather than having to create patient medical history and consent forms, treatment information sheets and other essential documents yourself, you can simply download them from here.

We’re also partnered with a pharmacy to give you a convenient way to access the products and supplies you need to run your practice – with cost savings too.

5. We’ll help you find new clients – for free

Training is only part of the picture. We know it can take time to build up your client base in the early days. So after you complete a course with us, we’ll automatically give you a free listing on our National Cosmetic Network (NCN) website.

The website is targeted at patients looking for safe, insured and accredited aesthetic practitioners in their local area. You can update your profile as you complete more training with us, so any prospective patients can see your expert credentials at a glance.

We only list practitioners that we’ve personally trained, so a listing on the NCN is a vote of confidence from the most established aesthetic training company in the land. Priceless!

Find out more about our Aesthetic Training Courses

At Cosmetic Courses, we offer a broad range of aesthetic training courses at several centres across the UK, including Bucks, Essex, Kent, Birmingham and Manchester. For information on our training, or to book a place on a course, please call us on 01844 318317 or email us at [email protected].

For a long time, liposuction has been considered one of the best options available for body sculpting and body contouring purposes. Recently though, a new technology from Sound Surgical Technologies has begun to challenge that assumption. The technology is called VASER Shape MC1 and it uses a combination of ultrasound and heat to enable body sculpting without the need for surgery. The system has begun to revolutionise body sculpting procedures and is increasingly being offered as a non-invasive alternative to cellulite reduction for those unwilling, or unable to undergo surgery.

VASER Shape MC1 is based on technology called MedContour that has been in use around Europe for several years now. The system comprises of several hand-held units that are capable of delivering high-frequency sound waves, heat and lymphatic massages to break-up and melt away fat deposits from under the skin. The hand-held devices feature different program settings that allow cosmetic surgeons to tailor their cellulite reduction treatments based on individual patient requirements. The settings allow physicians to use VASER Shape MC1 for everything, from gentle post-surgical massages to more aggressive treatments for cellulite reduction.

VASER Shape MC1 was approved for use in the U.S by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in May 2010. The FDA’s approval allows the technology to be used for treating minor muscle spasms and pains and for temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite. The FDA approval also allows the device to be used in applications such as temporarily improving blood circulation in localized areas. Cosmetic surgeons have begun using VASER Shape MC1 for stand-alone cellulite-reduction treatments and in conjunction with other fat removal procedures. In stand-alone applications, patients are typically required to undergo a regimen of four to six localized treatments for cellulite-reduction purposes. When it is used in conjunction with surgical cellulite-reduction procedures, VASER Shape MC1 can help handle issues such as post-operative swelling and pain.

Non-invasive cellulite-reduction technologies such as VASER Shape MC1 have been growing in popularity because of their effectiveness and the fact that they allow patients to do body sculpting without surgery. Over the past few months, at least two other rivals have been approved for use in the U.S. by the FDA. One of the products is a cold liposuction technology called Zerona from Erchonia. The other product is manufactured by Zeltiq and is called CoolSculpting. Like Zerona, CoolSculpting too works by killing fat cells under the skin by freezing them.