Expand your Clinic with Advanced Aesthetic Treatments

If you are looking to expand your clinic and grow your patient base, there’s no better way to do it than by adding advanced aesthetic treatments. From Lip Fillers to Non-Surgical Facelifts, we can help you provide a range of new treatments to your patients. Our experienced trainers are always on hand to help you improve your skills making the jump into learning advanced aesthetic treatments easier than ever before!

Advanced Aesthetic Treatments are becoming increasingly popular

Do you want to increase your client base with advanced aesthetic treatments? Advanced aesthetic treatments have been growing in popularity over the last few years and are now some of the most sought-after procedures. There is a huge demand for safe and well-trained practitioners, who can offer patients a wide range of advanced treatment options.

As demand grows, so does the need for well-trained Aesthetic Practitioners

As demand for aesthetic procedures grows, so does the need for well-trained practitioners. Our expert trainers will teach a wide range of advanced aesthetic treatments putting safety first. An expanding range of advanced treatments means more people are turning to healthcare professionals such as Aesthetic Practitioners for help in looking their best. Aesthetic clinics are now offering a wide range of procedures from Botox to lip enhancement and chemical peels. As this demand grows, so does the need for well-trained Advanced Aesthetic Practitioners who can deliver these highly specialised services safely, effectively and with an ethical approach all while maintaining excellent patient care standards.

Expanding into advanced aesthetic treatments

Providing a range of advanced aesthetic treatments will increase the number of patients you are able to treat. It’s important to provide a range of services, so you can treat a wider variety of patients and help your business grow. Advanced aesthetic treatments are a great way to make this happen.

In order to provide advanced aesthetic treatments, you will need additional training. At Cosmetic Courses, we offer a number of advanced-level aesthetics courses that will help you on your path toward being able to perform treatments safely whilst delivering unbeatable results to your patients. Led by our Clinical Director Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards, we have been leading the way in aesthetic training since 2002 and providing the highest quality training for doctors, dentists and nurses.

Our aesthetic courses are both in-person (face to face) and online. We have an Online Academy that offers online CPD training to enhance your aesthetic learning as a medical practitioner. You can find out more about our Online Academy by clicking here.

What sets us aside from other training providers:

  • Expert Trainers – Our team of trainers have a wealth of knowledge behind them within aesthetics and are highly accredited within their own medical professions.
  • Unlimited Support – We provide unlimited support to our delegates so you can get your clinical and business questions answered.
  • Learn in a clinical environment – We have 6 state of the art training clinics around the UK providing all of our aesthetic training courses. You will never learn outside of a clinic environment.
  • Live Models – All of our skin, Dermal Filler and Botox training days use live models as patients to give you the maximum experience when learning your new skills.
  • Opportunity after training – We have also partnered with leading aesthetic recruitment agency Clinic People to help you find your dream job.

Our experienced trainers offer a wide range of advanced aesthetic treatments to help you improve your skills

Our expert trainers will teach you how to provide these specialised services in order to help you improve your skills, expand your business and grow as an aesthetic practitioner. You will learn how to perform this treatment in the safest possible way. Their hands-on approach will leave you feeling confident, giving you the knowledge and practical hands-on experience to start treating your patients.

We’re here to help you expand your clinic with advanced aesthetic treatments.

Offering advanced aesthetic treatments at a high-quality standard to your patients will expand your clinic. We can help you develop your skills or train your staff, so they are up to date with the latest training and techniques used in the aesthetics industry. We also offer business and marketing support so if you have any questions relating to this topic, we can offer you the best advice on how to move forward.

We’re here to help you expand your clinic. If you’re ready for the next step in your career or if you want to add some new services to your practice, we have a range of advanced and expert level aesthetics courses available. Check out our Aesthetic Training Courses by clicking here to see what courses we offer medical professionals.