In the world of dermal fillers, lips have led the way particularly with celebrity influences. However recently we have seen another dermal filler trend creeping its way up the list to take a firm top spot … known as the chin augmentation. 

A firm favourite with the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman, chin augmentation is an advanced procedure offering outstanding results and is now quickly growing in demand amongst the aesthetic industry.

The shape of your face can be highly determined on the structure of your chin and jaw line. With the chin being the main source for symmetrical faces. By using dermal filler injections such as Juvederm Voluma, practitioners can enhance the patients profile by placing small amounts of product to the chin area. This procedure can help to lengthen and define the chin whilst also softening out creases and dimpling of over active mentalis muscles.

Why non-surgical over surgical?

Non-surgical treatments are becoming increasingly preferred over surgical procedures for numerous reasons. The most popular being; reduced down time, shorter appointment times, non permanent results and the ability to add or amend the procedure during the appointment.

The chin augmentation is also minimally invasive and can be performed using the safe cannula technique.

Chin Augmentation training at Cosmetic Courses

Chin augmentation is one of the new areas of our brand new Expert Masterclass in Botox & Dermal Fillers teaching delegates the art and understanding of advanced injectables.

At Cosmetic Courses we train our delegates to take a holistic approach and look at the whole face including the anatomy and muscles forming it. Facial augmentation through dermal filler is highly popular not only with our models but also our delegates to train in. Instead of just performing the injections asked for, we look at the end goal and ask the patient what they want to achieve from this. By using expert knowledge and understanding the proportions of the face, delegates can feel confident that on completion of this training they are able to create fantastic results using advanced techniques whilst keeping the patient’s needs and safety at the forefront.

Why train with Cosmetic Courses? 

  • Unlike many manufacturer training at Cosmetic Courses our Expert Masterclass covers all aspects of facial ageing and treatment using both toxin & dermal fillers
  • Hassle-free training – all models, paperwork and ongoing support is included in the course fee – no added extras.
  • Our recent industry awards signify the quality of our training programme
  • Our expert team of trainers have a combined experience of 113 years in the industry – unrivalled by any other provider
  • With the option of a small group tutorial or one-to-one session you can tailor your training to your individual needs
  • With 15 courses on our repertoire we can offer training to meet all of your training needs to support your career development.


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