The elusive fountain of youth has yet to be found, if such a thing even exists. If a true anti-aging treatment does exist, it surely will not take the form that the explorers and philosophers of yore expected. It will not be found in the sweltering swamps of Ponce de Leon’s Florida or high in the mythical peaks of Shangri-La.

It won’t be magical at all; instead, it will come to us through the advanced study of chemistry and biology. Scientists still haven’t figured out how to completely halt or reverse the aging process, but there’s no shortage of procedures that can ameliorate the symptoms. However, not everyone is comfortable going under the knife; any surgical procedure has its share of risks and complications. Fortunately, it’s still possible to get the results desired without going through invasive plastic surgery. The following are just a few of the popular non-invasive facelift techniques.

Thermage Facial

This technique uses heat to tighten loose, aging skin and rejuvenate the features of your face. Approved by the FDA in 2001, Thermage uses radio technology to heat the collagen fibers in the deeper skin layers while a cooling spray protects the outer surface. Not a single cut is made, and recovery time is minimal. Patients can expect to see results anywhere from two weeks to six months after a single procedure, and the results typically last six months to two years.

Wrinkle Iron

Also known as a microcurrent facial, the wrinkle iron uses galvanic technology to remove wrinkles. First, a negative current removes impurities in the skin. The second step boosts collagen production and new cell growth by using a positively charged current to send emollients and nutrients deep into your skin’s important layers.

Age Control Peel

This chemical peel uses Citric Acid and a Glycolic solution, two powerful anti-aging compounds. As the human body gets older, the skin’s regenerative abilities slow down. Over the course of a few sessions, the Age Control Peel rids your face of old, deteriorating skin and rejuvenates the layers beneath.

O3 Facials

This is a quick, convenient technique that is well worth the modest price. An O3 facial washes away dirt and unclogs pores, which leaves the skin looking and feeling fresher, cleaner and more youthful. When the face mask comes off, your cells will be richly oxygenated and your face pleasantly smooth and supple.