First Brotox. Then Scrotox. Now Protox…? The latest craze sweeping the Aesthetic Industry.

What is ‘Protox’?

Protox is the new term used to dub professionals who are undergoing Botox treatment to keep ahead in the workplace. Professionals who have “hard faced” jobs including; lawyers, politicians, stockbrokers, detectives and therapists. Those who do not want their client, peers or opposition to see expression in their faces use Botox to hide their emotions. This we now call: Protox.

Protox: Professional BotoxBotox is renowned for its muscle relaxing qualities. The injections send Botulinum Toxin Type A to the desired area causing muscles to relax and the area to smooth out reducing wrinkles.

The procedure can leave the face feeling expressionless.

Some professionals are even using it to treat hyperhidrosis. This is excessive sweating which can be seen as a sign of nervousness. Botox injections into the affected area minimises the chances of sweating for up to 9 months.

“A face can say a 1000 words without even speaking.”

The craze is heavy with women as they feel it will help them to appear strong and unemotional. Giving themselves higher leverage in the workplace.

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Industry Trends

The British Association of Plastic Surgeons published that Plastic Surgery has gone down by 40% since 2015, with non-surgical procedures such as Botox sky-rocketing.

The client base of the procedure has dramatically changed throughout the year, with the stereotype customer changing to a wider market. As medical research expands, highlighting the benefits of Botox, along with the procedure losing it’s taboo, Botox is becoming as popular as having your hair cut.

Popularity may have risen, but a lot of it’s goers still do not want to admit to the procedure. With a report taken in 2015 that 1 in 9 London males get Botox with 1 in 5 not admitting to it.

With a male stigma hiding the truth behind smoother faces, some are not so keen to reveal their secret. Some however will happily make us aware of their “work”.

Both of the hardest faces in showbiz are not afraid to talk about their Botox experiences. With both openly admitting to continuing to top up to keep their faces looking younger.

Could this be what makes them such hard judges?

It looks like the demand for Botox is not slowing down any time soon. With the craze continuing to dominate the cosmetic industry from both females and males alike.  Being at the forefront in the rise of non-surgical procedures.

Kept a secret or shouted from the rooftops, Botox is happening.

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