Skincare, its a love hate relationship. We love the thought of it but we hate applying cream after cream trying to keep to a strict daily skincare regime. We are all quick to fill our shopping baskets fleur cosmetic courses trainerwith the latest high scoring products but do we really if they will work for us? We spoke to Cosmetic Courses queen of skin and lead skin rejuvenation trainer Fleur to find out her top tips and favourite go to’s when it comes to skincare.

  1. What is your morning skincare routine?

“My morning skincare routine can vary depending on winter and summer, it’s important to adapt your skincare to suit the weather conditions for optimal protection. First thing I’ll do is wash my face with NeoStrata Restore Face Wash, this gives my skin a fresh and clean base to

begin. After drying my face I will then pop on NeoStrata’s Intensive Eye Therapy, I LOVE this product as it has caffeine in it to help make me look awake as well as all the other goodies which helps with tired puffy eyes in the morning.

Next step in my morning skincare is to apply Redness Serum all over my face and then I finish off the routine with NeoStrata Sheer Hydration which includes the very important SPF!”

  1. What is your go to skincare saviour?

“My absolute go to skincare saviour has to be Gel Plus by NeoStrata which has a high percentage of AHA giving my skin a mini exfoliating peel and by the next day my skin look fresh and feels super smooth ready for make up”

  1. What do you wish you could tell your younger self regarding skincare?

“This is an obvious one for me as I’m sure you’ll all have your own advice for your younger selves! Mine is to use a daily SPF!! Back then I even used sun beds and smoked, not good!!”

  1. How do you treat a bad skin day?

“I treat a bad skin day by having a chemical peel with Microdermabraison. This helps to speed up clearing my breakout and penetrates deep into the skin to stop the cause of the bad skin day!”

  1. What are your favourite tricks for healthy skin?

” My advice for healthy skin is to be consistent with your skin care routine. We can all get a bit lazy with keeping up with our routines.  If my skin is looking pretty good, I’ll stop being so strict with my regime but then I kick myself as it starts to look dull, congested and a breakout begins! As long as I keep my routine up and exercise regularly my skin glows.”

  1. How do you prepare your skin for a big night?

“We recently attended the Aesthetic Awards and for this I had a few peels coming up to the event having my last one about 2 weeks before, this helped to clear my skin and leave it glowing. I also increased the strength and my use of retinol for at least 6 weeks before. And of course religiously kept to my daily skincare routine.”

Skincare with Cosmetic Courses

At Cosmetic Courses we are proud to stock the award-winning NeoStrata skincare brand available for our delegates and models to buy. Not sure what skincare products you need? Book a consultation or pop in and speak to a member of the team to find your skin’s new best friend!

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