cosmetic courses cellenisCellenis PRP is a simple and effective platelet rich plasma preparation system with a six step preparation process.  Whilst already the market leader in the US, the Cellenis PRP system is set to become the market leader in the UK and Europe as well.

Why Choose Cellenis PRP?

  • This simple system has only 3 core elements. Furthermore the simple guidelines enable consistent reproducible PRP.
  • Short preparation and handling.  The total preparation time should take about 15 minutes.
  • You will not need to purchase expensive equipment with this system; simple swing centrifuge will work with Cellenis PRP.
  • This flexible system means you can make alterations to obtain higher or lower concentrations by simply adjusting the amount of clear plasma removed from the tube.
  • The system is pre-filled with anti-coagulant, removing the risk of too little/too much being used.
  • the optimal biological profile of PRP is created by achieving high platelet concentration (between 90-95% platelet yield), eliminating red blood cells, enriching mononuclear cells and through the unique separation gel, which uses the latest gel technology. Furthermore this helps to increase collagen expression and fight infection.
  • It eliminates Red blood cells, as well as 92% of granulocytes. The white blood cell population also enriches the mononuclear cells.
  • The system concentrates stem cells 2-5 fold.
  • The blood draw volume is 11ml blood (22ml and 33ml blood draw tubes are also available)

Platelet Rich Plasma is a great stand alone treatment for your clinic as well as working well in conjunction with other treatments such as dermaroller or dermal fillers complimenting the results from these treatments.

Find out more about our Cellenis PRP Training here.