Now we have seen our fair share of odd cosmetic procedures. From “Bull Semen Hair Conditioner” to fish pedicures but even we had to hide a gasp at this new trend…

Snail facials

Picture of Snail Facial (Source The Guardian)

In the heart of Chiang Mai sits a salon, this salon only homes one treatment for its clients, snail facials.

Known (only until doing research were we made aware…) for their anti-aging benefits, the snails helix aspera muller glycoconjugates (we call it mucus) contains nutrients and antioxidants.

The Snail Facial Treatment…

The treatment involves placing snails on your skin. They are then left to roam around and are only nudged when they go off course.  The treatment lasts for 40 minutes and beauty-goers are told the results are gradual resulting in firmer and softer skin.

As they become accustomed to their new surface they leave behind a trail of mucus. This is something they do when they are stressed. Mixed into the skin, the mucus is said to heal wounds, scars and leave skin glowing.

Before we go any further, please do not go into your garden and stick a snail on your face expecting to look 10 years younger.

Snail facial farm

Luc Champeyroux, co-owner of the snail spa in Chiang Mai inside his snail farm.

These snails are “special snails”. Kept on an organic farm within the clinic and fed only the finest chemical free fruit and veg. They are then handpicked for their starring  moment.

While the treatment itself has only appeared within the last few years. The multi use of snails have been apparent since ancient Greece. With remedies made up to cure skin infections. The french have also developed numerous creams and lotions from these slimy friends in order to achieve a brighter glow, or shall we say “Escarglow”.

The trends stems further than Thailand with Japan, Russia, China and our very own London opening up their own Snail Spas to name a few.

We look forward to seeing how far this treatment progresses. In the meantime, I think we’ll stick to our scientifically proven Neostrata range of skincare products!

Alternative treatments to get that glow

If you’re looking for that Summer glow, but aren’t brave enough to try the Snail facial then we have some great alternatives here at Cosmetic Courses:

  • Microdermabrasion – a deep exfoliating treatment to clear out pores
  • Facial skin peels – a rejuvenating treatment that removes the top layer of dry skin
  • Platelet rich plasma therapy – an intensive treatment that’s completely natural stimulating collagen production

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