Treating The Depressor Anguli Oris With Botulinum Toxin | Video

In this series we have looked at popular areas to use Botulinum Toxin within aesthetic medicine. Botulinum Toxin can be used in a variety of areas around the face to help relax muscles and restructure the face. One of the popular advanced treatments we have spoken about before is the Nefertiti lift. Close to this area there is another use of Botulinum Toxin in the lower face, treating the muscles near the mouth otherwise known as Depressor Anguli Oris.

Depresser: pull down

Anguli: at an angle

Oris: of the mouth

The muscle comes from the mouth to the chin and when active it pulls down the corner of the mouth which can result in patients looking sad with downturned corners of the mouth from the Depressor Anguli Oris.

By putting Botulinum Toxin injections in this area, it can lift the corners back up by relaxing the muscles and patients can look happier and reduce the need for filler.


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