This video is a trailer to the interview we took of Ron Myers (Director of the Consulting Room)  and Adrian Richards (Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics, and Founder of Cosmetic Courses). In this short video Consultant plastic Surgeon and Medical Director of  Cosmetic Courses Mr Richards briefly highlights the topics discussed during the interview;

Part 1 – The Keogh Report

Part 2 – Dermal Filler Regulations

Part 3 – PIP Implants

Part 4 – Counterfeit Toxins part 1

Part 5 – Counterfeit Toxins part 2

Part 6 – Hard selling

We took a breather after this topic, so for now this is all you’re getting but don’t worry, there is plenty more still to come. The subject of internet marketing, SEO, PPC and finances within your business along with plenty of other topics and discussions.

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