In this Video FAQ  Adrian Richards, Clinical Director of Cosmetic Courses answers “what is Botulinum Toxin & how does it work?”…

What is Botox?

There are lots of different brands of injectables which contain Botulinum Toxin. Many use the phrase Botox when discussing this but in fact “Botox” is just one brand created by Allergan. It is important as a practitioner to know what brand you are using and follow their marketing guidelines. Using the term Botox when in fact you are using another brand is false advertising.

Essentially Botulinum Toxin is a Toxin released by a bacteria. The same bacteria present in some foods and water. When you get an infection this toxin is released by the bacteria within the body. This causes the muscle to weaken. Using this example, Botulinum Toxin is the purified toxin from the clostridium bacteria.

The injection blocks signals to the nerves, this causes the muscles to relax. Wrinkles and fine lines are caused by overactive movements in the area by the muscles. As our face is the most active part of our body, we see wrinkles form here the most. Botulinum Toxin relaxes the muscles causing wrinkles, thus helping to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


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