Cannula Masterclass with Mr Adrian Richards. Watch our Clinical Director Mr Adrian Richards at last years ACE conference performing a non-surgical facelift using The Aurora Cannula Technique.


I’m a Plastic Surgeon and I’m being helped today by Melanie and Ruth, who are our nurses. So I’m the Clinical Director of Aurora Clinics and Cosmetic Courses. Aurora Clinics is a plastic surgical and non-surgical company and Cosmetic Courses is an aesthetic training company.

4 Factors of Facial Ageing

1. Skin Quality

2. Active Lines – which are caused by muscle activity

3. Gravity Changes – generally treated with surgery

4. Volume Changes – restoring volume.

Just to recap, you all know the anatomy but these are the areas that we are going to be treating in our demonstration: Nasolabial folds, Marionette lines, Oral Commissures,  Peri oral lines and Vermillion border.

What I’m going to be showing you this afternoon is a technique where we just use one entry site with a cannula. So the idea is that I’m going to be entering here (lip corner) and filling up the lips from there and there (points to each corner).

Begins Injecting

So I’m just really  feeling where I’m going and I’m just trying to put it in different levels. Can you see I’m right in the lip there. With fillers, always keep the needle moving because you don’t want to occlude so it’s like with anything; always try and inject on the way out. I think most of the issues you get with dermal fillers is if they’re placed too superficially.

Take Home Points

Let’s create something that looks beautiful and is natural and age-appropriate. Remember it’s your name on their faces. We don’t want to create a ‘duck’ look, we want to keep people guessing and create really lovely lips and faces and I think if you’re not using cannulas, start using them today.

If you are interested in training in dermal fillers with Mr Adrian Richards and his team contact us today for further information.


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