In this short video we see Lead Trainer of Cosmetic Courses and Aesthetic Nurse Mel Recchia answer the FAQ; Can hyaluronic acid dermal filler migrate from the injection site?


Migration of dermal filler is not common but it’s not impossible. A lot of this will depend on injection technique and being very aware of the facial anatomy, making sure that you’ve chosen the right product for the right area and when you’re doing your treatment, just being very aware of where that product is heading. For instance if you’re injecting into the cheek area and you’re injecting up towards the eye orbit then we would always recommend that you place a finger just within the eye orbit so that you can protect that area and you’ll be able to feel if any product is heading in that direction. It’s not common for this to happen because dermal filler doesn’t really move from one area to another but there can be possibilities where it has migrated a little bit and this could be down to a number of things; it could be the patient after the treatment has manipulated the product, it can be sometimes where you’re applying more product into an area that already has some product and a little bit can be pushed into another area. If this does happen and you find that you have got product where you don’t actually want it to be and it’s causing a problem then there is a possible solution where we use a substance called Hyaluronidase which will dissolve the dermal filler; this is something that you wouldn’t want to rush into so generally to avoid migration of a product you must just make sure that your injection technique is safe, your product is appropriate to the area that you are working on and that you give your patient very clear instructions after the treatment what they should and shouldn’t do.