In this Video FAQ Clinical Director of Cosmetic Courses Adrian Richards answers “what are the different types of Botulinum Toxin?”…

Botulinum Toxin has three main manufacturers available in the United Kingdom. These are the different pharmaceutical companies which make their own type of Botulinum Toxin.:

  1. Allergan
  2. Galderma
  3. Merz

Allergan make “Botox”. The name that a lot of patients and practitioners use. The word can be used as slang for the treatment when in fact they are not using Allergans brand but another Botulinum Toxin.

Galderma make two types of Toxin: “Azzalure” and “Dysport” it’s really important to realise that the units of Galderma products Azzalure, Dysport are not the same as the Allergan units.

The third Manufacturer is Merz. They have two products:“Bocouture” and “Xeomin”.

Many patients who think they have or they say they have Botox treatment are in fact being treated with one of these other types of toxin.

Each of the three companies have produced amazing Botulinum Toxins. Although, practitioners need to be aware of the differences throughout and should not treat them all the same. Something we discuss in depth within our courses.

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