In this short video we see Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director of Cosmetic Courses Adrian Richards address the FAQ; “how long after Botox treatment will my patient notice its effects?”

Set up in 2001 by RealSelf Top 100 Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards, Cosmetic Courses is one of the UK’s largest Botox training providers. With a diverse team of expert trainers boasting a combined 113 years of experience in the aesthetic industry and having trained and mentored over 4500 doctors, dentists and nurses we are well equipped to provide you with the knowledge, practical skills and business support to help you set up your own profitable aesthetic practice.

How long after Botox treatment will your patient notice an effect?

It’s important to understand that the effects of Botox injections are not seen immediately after treatment. So you need to do your markings and injections correctly as you will not be able to see the full effects of your treatment that day and be able to rectify any mistakes.

At Cosmetic Courses we teach you advanced techniques in this procedure. Including placing the Botox in subcutaneous tissue and leave small wields which dissipate in 5 to 10 minutes following treatment so by the time you patients walk out no one should be able to tell they’ve had botulinum toxin treatment.

Generally patients will notice a weakening of the muscle within the first week. In the cosmetic industry we like to under promise and over deliver, so we tell patients they should notice a weakening of muscle activity in a week to two weeks. Then if the muscle weakens a little but earlier they’re happy that it’s slightly earlier rather than slightly later.

Botulinum Toxin Results Timeline

Time after treatment | Expected effects

Day 1                                         | Some changes in feeling

Day 5                                         | Most patients will notice weakness

Day 7                                         | Effects will start to be seen

Day 10-14                                | Minimum effects will start to be seen


Aesthetic Training at Cosmetic Courses

At Cosmetic Courses we pride ourselves on the support we provide you once you have completed your aesthetic training.

Our experience in medical aesthetics has taught us that is can be very daunting setting yourself up as an aesthetic practitioner. Therefore we do as much as we can to support you with both clinical and business advice.

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