In this short video we see Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director of Cosmetic Courses Adrian Richards answer the FAQ; “where can I deliver Botox and Dermal Filler Treatments?”

Where can you deliver Botox & Dermal Filler treatments?

This is always a tricky one as there is no legislation about where treatments can be performed. We recommenced that practitioners keep in mind that they are using prescription only medicines such as Botulinum Toxin. As you are using these medicines the safest and most efficent way to administer them would be in a clinical environment.

It has been made aware in the industry that practitioners choose to practice in hotels, as part of parties or in their own homes. Whilst this may be convenient for the practitioner this can be seen as dangerous. Patients are found to also be more at ease while having such treatments done in a clinical environment. The equipment can also be located and stored correctly and the medicine can be kept at a stable temperature whilst in a clinic.

Another option for practitioners is salons, this has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are that there is often a well established clientèle and the salon provides rooms for you to rent resulting in no overheads. There are however a few issues in practicing in a salon and we talk about those in depth in the courses.

The ideal route for those practicing in aesthetics is to open up their own clinic or work within one. This means that you have everything you need around you, all your equipment is easily available to you and medicines can be stored stably to ensure patient safety.

At Cosmetic Courses we have had plenty of  success stories of delegates opening up their own clinics. One of which was two delegates who sat next to each other on the course and found out they actually lived very close to each other. From this realisation and shared passion in aesthetics they set up their own clinic which they jointly own.

The patients love it with its clinical feel and the delegates found they attracted business easily. Both practitioners share all costs of running the clinic and have gone on to be very successful.

Aesthetic Training at Cosmetic Courses

At Cosmetic Courses we pride ourselves on the support we provide you once you have completed your aesthetic training.

Our experience in medical aesthetics has taught us that is can be very daunting setting yourself up as an aesthetic practitioner. Therefore we do as much as we can to support you with both clinical and business advice.

Aesthetics is a journey. It requires determination and dedication but is an extremely rewarding career path. For more information on our aesthetic training courses or to speak to our friendly team about your training options please feel free to contact us on 01844 390110 or email [email protected].