In this short video we see Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director of Cosmetic Courses Adrian Richards answer the FAQ; how many patients do I need to treat to be a successful aesthetic practitioner?

How many patients do you need to be treating to be really successful? The answer to this is not as many as you think.

Focus on retention not just those new patients…

Remember this is a repeated treatment so Botulinum Toxin patients come to see you about 3 times a year, dermal filler patients maybe twice a year. The average spend for a patient having dermal fillers and botulinum toxin in our experience is approximately £1400 a year. If you have 50 active patients, your revenue will be in the regions of £70,000 a year of which your profit will be £35,000 a year and that’s for 50 patients who come regularly.

The most important aspect we always stress to our delegates is it’s not always about getting new patients through the door, it’s about looking after your existing patients. If you look after your patients, give them great treatments at a fair price in a nice environment, get along well with them they’re going to come back for repeat treatments over a number of years.

Focus on retention not just those new patients. Essentially if you deliver great treatments in a safe environment and get on well with people, you will be successful, people will hear about you and will come to you for treatment.

Some of the most successful practitioners do not advertise their treatments because the quality of their treatments advertise for them.

Training with Cosmetic Courses

If you are considering a career as an aesthetic doctor, dentist or nurse then the perfect place to start is with a Foundation dermal filler and botox training day. If you are looking to extend your skills following a foundation course in Botox and dermal fillers then our bespoke one-to-one training may be the right option for you.

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