In this short video we see Lead Trainer of Cosmetic Courses and Aesthetic Nurse Mel Recchia answer the FAQ; How do I know if my patient has an infection following dermal fillers, specifically infected lip filler and how do I treat this?


If your patient contacts you following a dermal filler treatment and they think they’ve got a problem, which potentially could be an infection, you will need to deal with this. Now in the first instance you would get them probably over the phone to sort of describe to you the symptoms and the sensations that they’re feeling and how the area is presenting, if they live near to you then you would get them to come into the clinic and review them, if they live some distance from you then I think it’s perfectly acceptable in the first instance for them to send you some photographs and you can have a look at the areas, but it is very difficult to see from a photograph what the problem may be so  ideally you should actually see them in person. For an infection, what you will be looking for is the general sort of symptoms that you have for any skin infection, so you’re likely to see swelling, redness, heat, tenderness, possibly exudate’s  depending at what stage of the infection you’re at, so you just generally need to look out for the usual signs of a skin infection and then you will deal with this appropriately with antibiotics, so you would need to check their medical history to make sure that they’re not allergic to anything and you would choose your antibiotic on the basis of their medical history and the needs of the potential infection.

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