In this Video FAQ, Clinical Director of Cosmetic Courses Adrian Richards looks into the question “what are the key characteristics of facial ageing?”…

Subconsciously you are looking at faces and deciding on what age that person looks. For any particular age the patient could be younger or older so there’s a difference between chronological age and your physiological age.

  • Chronological age is the age you actually are
  • Physiological age is the age your body is

There are different aspects of facial aging which we look at to determine somebodies age:

  1. Active lines
  2. Volume loss
  3. Skin quality

Active lines are generally treated by weakening the over active muscle. For example, someone who has got strong frown lines caused by muscle activity should be treated by reducing the muscle activity with botulinum toxin injections. This will relieve tension in that area and prevent the lines forming.

A main source of aging comes from gravity changes. Something which will effect us all over time. As we age our soft tissue becomes slightly less adherent to the underlying skeleton. Essentially there are surgical and non-surgical ways with fillers and toxins to reduce the gravity changes. These can be classified as preventative treatments.

It’s important to be able to analysis the face, something we discuss in depth on our courses. This makes it easier to asses your patients and overall providing a better treatment.

Aesthetic Training at Cosmetic Courses

At Cosmetic Courses we pride ourselves on the support we provide you once you have completed your aesthetic training.

Our experience in medical aesthetics has taught us that is can be very daunting setting yourself up as an aesthetic practitioner. Therefore we do as much as we can to support you with both clinical and business advice.

Aesthetics is a journey. It requires determination and dedication but is an extremely rewarding career path. For more information on our aesthetic training courses or to speak to our friendly team about your training options please feel free to contact us.