In this short video we see Lead Trainer of Cosmetic Courses and Aesthetic Nurse Mel Recchia answer the FAQ; Do I need to aspirate before injecting dermal fillers?


In recent years, the advice has changed and we are now advised to aspirate on every injection of dermal filler. Some years ago we didn’t aspirate and I think because the incidents of problems have grown and more people are having dermal fillers done, more people are doing dermal fillers, so inevitably we are going to start seeing more problems. To reduce these problems we are now being advised to aspirate with our dermal fillers on every injection. This has to be appropriate to where you’re injecting the product that you’re using, there are some products that you can’t aspirate, but generally we would advise it because this will lessen your risk of vascular occlusion, because when you aspirate you’ll be able to see whether you’re on or near a blood vessel and you’ll see whether it’s safe to aspirate.

When you aspirate your syringe during your dermal filler treatment this doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of a possible vascular occlusion, but you still need to be mindful of the other safety techniques that you have, but the current guidelines for aspirating will help to eliminate more complications.

If you have any further questions on whether you need to aspirate before injecting, or you are interested in training in Dermal Fillers, please contact us

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