This video FAQ answers the question “how often can you inject a patient with Botox and why?” with Clinical Director of Cosmetic Courses, Mr Adrian Richards…

After your first treatment when should you give the next treatment?

This is really important because there is a window in which we advise you not to treat the patients in. After you have done your injections the patient should have noticed a change in the muscle activity within a week.

A maximum of two weeks is recommended as the logical time to see your patient for a review. Then there is a slot after that two week period where we encourage you not to inject. There have been some reports of people developing antibodies and resistance to Botulinum Toxin through over injecting.

We generally recommend from the first injection you should leave treatment for 14 weeks. So after their two week review an added 12 weeks until you can perform this injection again on that patient.  Also explain this to your patients so they know why you are not injecting so close each time. Botulinum toxin is an ongoing treatment and needs to be performed regularly.

Aesthetic Training at Cosmetic Courses

At Cosmetic Courses we pride ourselves on the support we provide you once you have completed your aesthetic training.

Our experience in medical aesthetics has taught us that is can be very daunting setting yourself up as an aesthetic practitioner. Therefore we do as much as we can to support you with both clinical and business advice.

Aesthetics is a journey. It requires determination and dedication but is an extremely rewarding career path. For more information on our aesthetic training courses or to speak to our friendly team about your training options please feel free to contact us.