In this video FAQ, Adrian Richards, Clinical Director of Cosmetic Courses looks into the question “how do you securely store patient notes and photographs?”…

This is incredibly important and should be treated the same way as other medical treatments and services. You are treating medical conditions with prescription only drugs, so you need to take note of every procedure your perform and the exact drug and dosages used. Patient notes are also vital in understanding your patient’s medical and treatment history.

There are two ways in which you can store notes:

  1. Paper- this allows all notes to be filed away at clinic. Practitioners and clinic staff can add to the files with updates of the patient history and treatments when they need to. Using paper can sometimes be time consuming especially when you have a large client base, resulting in searching through lots of files.
  2. Online- a system that we use at all of our clinics. This is a quick and effective way to access and amend notes. As it is online it also means you can log in and check wherever you are. It also means that more than one person can log on and amend notes, making it easier for communication within the practice. You will need to find a secure and trusted system, something we can help you with at Cosmetic Courses.

However you decide to take your notes it is important that you do so. You need to keep a log of what you are doing and what the patient is having. Aesthetic treatments should be treated the same as any other medical procedure.

Aesthetic Training at Cosmetic Courses

At Cosmetic Courses we pride ourselves on the support we provide you once you have completed your aesthetic training.

Our experience in medical aesthetics has taught us that is can be very daunting setting yourself up as an aesthetic practitioner. Therefore we do as much as we can to support you with both clinical and business advice.

Aesthetics is a journey. It requires determination and dedication but is an extremely rewarding career path. For more information on our aesthetic training courses or to speak to our friendly team about your training options please feel free to contact us.