In this short video we see lead trainer of Cosmetic Courses and Aesthetic Nurse Mel Recchia answer the FAQ; How do I best treat deep peri-oral lines?


Deep peri-oral lines are quite a common problem, especially as we age. What happens is that as we age, the white lip, the long part of the lip, starts to get longer, the pink of the lip starts to turn in, the skin itself becomes thin, we lose this kind of underlying support from the bones and the teeth, so generally that’s when you start to get more obvious lines in the area. I think the first thing to say to your patients is that you have to be very realistic about the potential outcome of this treatment and you can’t completely eliminate the peri-oral lines, but you can certainly make them look better, softer and probably prevent them from getting worse. Botox can be very useful for deep peri-oral lines but you have to be careful because you don’t want to restrict  the movement of the orbicularis oris muscle, but it can be helpful in preventing the sort of puckering of the muscle and this can soften the lines. The lines however are primarily there through movement so probably Botox is going to be a good treatment to try. If you’re looking at Dermal fillers, you may need to consider a two filler approach, so you are probably going to need to actually support and increase the definition of the vermillion border and this will create a little edge for the lip. Once you’ve done that and you’ve actually improved the shape of the lip, the pink of the lip, sometimes then, by that alone, the lines themselves will look better but once you’ve done that, you can then use perhaps a softer filler to actually inject into the peri-oral lines and the hydration from the light soft filler will make the lines softer. You could also consider and advise other skin treatments; skin peels, dermaroller, these kind of treatments will also help to improve the skin condition in this area. But it is quite a challenging area to treat. We used to very much just put the filler into the lines, but unfortunately we were creating quite distorted lip shapes, what we now try to do is actually improve the lip shape, which in turn makes the lines lip better and less obvious but I think it’s worth telling your patient that we need to be realistic with this and it may take a number of treatments until those lines are really improved, and also look at the other areas of the face as well because sometimes if you improve the mid face volume, you actually can make that area look better as well.

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