Where to Inject Botulinum Toxin for Forehead Lines / Frontalis | Video

Video: Mr Adrian Richards demonstrates where to inject Botulinum Toxin for the forehead lines / frontalis

What is the frontalis?

The frontalis is the muscle that is responsible for elevating the eyebrows. Treating this muscle with botulinum toxin has become increasingly popular within aesthetic medicine.

In this video Mr Adrian Richards and his model demonstrate the key injection sites to treat forehead lines and where to be cautious of when injecting this area.

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TRANSCRIPT: now the glabella or the frown area is the number one area that people have botox in the number two area is the forehead and the muscle which lifts the eyebrows is called the frontalis why is it called the frontalis because it’s in the front of your head that’s why it’s called the frontalis it’s a flat muscle here so could you just raise your eyebrows so when sarah raises her eyebrows she’s going to get lines the muscle fibers go that way so it pulls up and you get lined in the opposite directio sarah is pretty symmetrical but you can see she’s got good lines here now when we inject we want to relax the frontalis to give five injections that’s going to relax the muscle so these like these forehead lines are going to go down now we don’t inject in this area here okay and the reason we don’t inject in that area raise your eyebrows up sarah because if we inject in that area sarah won’t be able to raise her eyebrows relax sarah and her eyebrows might go down okay so the classic frontalis area the forehead area is five injections one two three four five and avoid the no go area above the eyebrow so thank you very much for watching the video we’ve got a lot of teaching resources so if you’d like to know more please look up some of our online courses which cover all the crucial areas or come and see us on a foundation course which i teach and would love to see you there you