Where to Inject Botulinum Toxin for Frown Lines / Glabellar | Video

Video: Mr Adrian Richards demonstrates where to inject Botulinum Toxin for frown lines

Frown lines are one of the most common areas to treat with Botulinum Toxin. As one of the three upper face areas, using Botulinum Toxin injections we are able to relax the muscles causing the frown lines to appear.

In this video Mr Adrian Richards and his model demonstrate the key injection sites to achieve optimum results.

Treating the frown lines with botulinum toxin

A treatment that will believe will never stop being popular. Using botulinum toxin in the forehead can help to reduce the appearance of frown lines. Something which a lot of patients are concerned about. Over the years it has become a treatment that some patients are worried about as they do not want the “frozen look”,  this is not the case. When performed correctly, which the right doses and techniques you can create a subtle change to the area which still sees some natural movement.

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