As an aesthetic practitioner it goes without saying that you want to deliver the best possible service to your clients. However there may be occasions when things go wrong and a claim is made against you. We know how distressing this can be for not only the patient but also the practitioner.

Eddie Hooker, CEO of Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance, recommends the following five steps that will help in the event of a claim being made against you:

1. Obtain full consent

Always ensure you obtain full consent from your client before the start of any treatment. Set out all the risks and benefits as well as any potential side effects and ensure your client has read and absorbed all of the information before they consent to the treatment they will be undergoing.

2. Keep detailed records

Always make sure you maintain a written record of all of the treatments you have provided, on the date you provided it. This should include machine settings together (where appropriate) with before and after photographs. You will need to keep your notes for 10 years in case a claim may arise in the future. You will also need to keep your equipment in good working order and up to date in accordance with manufacturers’ guidelines.

3. Stay up to date with your training

Ensure you can demonstrate you are fully trained and competent by undergoing initial training and also regular re-training throughout your career and retain all certificates.

4. Manage expectations

It is important to ensure the client has realistic expectations of the outcome of the treatment and whether (and when) any top up treatments may be necessary. Ensure that you allow sufficient time at consultation to cover this.

5. Medical due diligence

Make sure you get a full medical history from the client and explain full aftercare treatment and what they need to carry out themselves.

It is important to ensure that you have adequate insurance protection in case the worst happens. At Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance we have been insuring aesthetic practitioners for many years and understand the aesthetic industry, so please contact us on 0800 63 43 881 or email [email protected] for insurance advice and a free quotation.