Cosmetic Courses Aesthetic Training Courses with Live Models

Since we began training in 2002  our aesthetic training courses have always been with live models.

We believe that the best way to learn and to leave feeling confident is to gain that real life patient and practitioner experience, something which makes our training stand out.

Along with the 1000’s of delegates we train annually we also treat over double that in patients every year. Over the years we have built a vast database of loyal models who trust in our service, from different age groups, ethnicities, and skin concerns.

Why Choose Aesthetic Training Courses with Live Models?

There are many reasons why you should choose a training provider that uses live models like ourselves, below are some of the points listed:

  1. Valuable patient and practitioner experiences from consultation, treatment plans, treatment, and aftercare.
  2. Understand the different types of patients, learning that aesthetics is not a one size fits all.
  3. Learn the importance of product selection and placement for each patient.
  4. Improve you bed side manner when treating and dealing with patients.
  5. Learn how to deal with possible post treatment issues should they arise
  6. See the effects of aesthetics treatments first-hand with your own work.

Prosthetic heads

We regularly have delegates attending our follow-on courses who have had basic level training on ‘heads’ with other training providers. They book with us to gain valuable hands-on experience but on attendance of our courses they feel their practical skills are inferior to those delegates who have completed training with us previously. Unfortunately, they often end up revisiting the foundation techniques on live models so that they feel confident to progress. Although the courses are often substantially cheaper using ‘model heads,’ we believe it is best to invest in the highest standards of training to help your aesthetic journey to thrive.

By training with live models and receiving this vital experience under the supervision and guidance of our expert training faculty you are experiencing real life situations that will leave you confident to start treating your own patients.

Prosthetic heads can be a great starting point for a nervous injector or those wanting to practice new techniques but it is important to also gain real life experience with live models whilst in the training environment too.

Treat under our expert trainers supervision

Our medical expert trainers will spend time ensuring the theoretical aspects of the treatments are understood and then they will perform a demonstration within your small group or 1-2-1 setting so that practitioners feel confident to move onto the practical session.

Our trainers will then assist you in performing your treatments on a live patient, standing by your side, and guiding you the whole time.

100’s of reviews from happy models

Our patient care and safety is important to us, each patient that comes through our door for treatment within a training setting is treated with the same care as if they were walking into a private clinic.

Each patient has also undergone pre assessment screening by our team to make sure they are eligible for treatment, completed our consent and medical forms along with participating in consultations with our medical team to discuss treatment options and what they want out of their time with us.

You can see for yourself with our 100’s of reviews by happy models here.