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Both Botox and Dermal Filler can be purchased from a Pharmacy. We work with Pharmacy Space

These can be purchased from any Pharmacy.

You can record patient notes and records using paper forms or a practice management software. What ever system you use you do need to make sure they are stored in a secure location that is locked. All patients require before and after pictures to make taken which also need to be secure on a computer.

We work with Pabau and Consentz. Both companies offer an introduction fee of 3 months free if you have competed your training with Cosmetic Courses.

You can obtain your insurance from Healthcare Professional Protection (HPPB). They will provide you with the right insurance throughout your career.

First of all you need to decide on what sort of practice you want, where and what treatments you want to offer. Once you have established this you need to look at where you clinic is going to be based and at what price. Remember to do some research on who else is offering the same treatments, the service and the price that they offer. Remember you have invested in your training, do not fall into the trap of pricing yourself too cheaply. You then need to think about how your going to attract patients.

There are many way to attract patients. The main ones are social media, word of mouth and loyalty schemes. With it being a digital world it is also worth investing in a website, this doesn’t have to be a big expensive website it could just include between 5-10 pages.

Yes. We strongly recommend you attend further training days during your aesthetic career. This will help you to keep up to date with trends, products and new techniques all of which will help you build your clinic and patients, Our Cosmetic Courses Trainers and aesthetic practitioners are always attending new courses, conferences and reading articles to ensure they are abreast with the latest news.

We also have a wide range of online courses that can enhance your learning.

This will depend on what course you have completed and what new treatments you are looking at introducing into your clinic. At Cosmetic Courses we can help assist you in choosing the next course for you. We have a wide range of one day courses or can develop a bespoke course package that will include all the courses at a reduced rate.

Skin and injectable treatments go hand in hand. Both are treatments to make someone look and feel better and help to rejuvenate their skin. As well as skin treatments it is also worth stocking retail products in the skin treatments your offer, this can increase your clinics revenue.

This will depend on your location and the treatments you are offering. Benchmark yourself against competitors in your area. Also think about your location, for example a London clinic will charge more than a clinic in the North. Also remember not to price yourself too cheap to get customers, you have invested in the training and the costs to set up. If you position yourself too cheap you will attract the wrong clientele.

Business and Marketing Articles

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