APPG Report on Aesthetic Treatments
APPG Report on Aesthetic Treatments

APPG Report on Aesthetic Treatments

Recently the aesthetics industry has been hitting the headlines, with the demand for non-surgical treatments soaring, the push for regulation continues. 

APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Regulation Group) have released their report on what the government can do to help regulate this fast-growing industry where anyone can administer advanced aesthetics.  

The report covers 17 recommendations and is categorised into six topics, Legal Definitions, Standards and Qualifications, Regulation and Enforcement, Ethics and Mental Health, Insurance, Social Media and Advertising.  

In summary the APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Regulation Group) report covers the following: 

  1. The government to define a “medical-related service”; self-elected or diagnosed 
  2. Annual data on who is practicing within the industry and their treatment offerings 
  3. Setting standards for training courses 
  4. Qualification bodies such as Ofqual to regulate training 
  5. Medical oversight mandatory for prescription only medicines 
  6. Introduce national licensing scheme to govern the oversight of advanced aesthetics 
  7. Supporting the national licensing scheme with framework mandating the standards of safety and training  
  8. The national license scheme should work on the same basis as existing tattoo and piercing guidance  
  9. Dermal filler to be a prescription drug 
  10. Mandatory psychological pre-screening tests 
  11. Education on spotting at risk patients 
  12. Extending the ban of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers illegal for under 18’s to all advanced procedures such as PDO threads 
  13. Practitioners must have adequate and robust insurance  
  14. Practitioners must has regulated qualifications  
  15. Social platforms must take responsibility in censoring misleading content by publishing guidelines and removing any content that does not comply 
  16. Advertising restrictions to be placed on dermal filler and PDO threads like they are to Botox 
  17. To consult the Online Advertising Programme, highlighting training and treatments promotions 

At Cosmetic Courses we welcome the APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Regulation Group) report of recommendations presented to Minister of Health Nadine Dorries. As a company we have campaigned and supported such initiatives to help bring regulation to the industry.  

“We support the APPG in their recommendations as we continue to campaign for a safer, regulated future in aesthetics. Aesthetic medicine should be recogonised as a medical specialty just as any other and have the regulation in place to aid patient safety. Within our training courses and clinics we regularly see patients come to us with complications from under trained practitioners. By enforcing regulation for training and facilities we should see a safer future.” – Mr Adrian Richards, Clinical Director of Cosmetic Courses  

Cosmetic Courses Standard of Training 

Our team are passionate about safety within aesthetics and work hard to ensure each of our courses and the clinics we train in reach the highest of standards along with our training faculty and support staff.  

 Our clinics are CQC registered, we only ever train inside clinics with the highest level of hygiene 

 Our qualifications are Ofqual regulated 

 Our patients go through mental health screenings before their appointment  

 Our courses cover all areas of the industry including hygiene, safe practice, advertising, and patient psychology 

Our team are on hand to offer ongoing support throughout your aesthetic career 

Find out more about our training courses here or speak to the team on 01844 390110 / [email protected]