Becoming an aesthetic model with Cosmetic Courses

Becoming an aesthetic model is a fantastic way of getting high-standard non-surgical treatments at a discounted price. At Cosmetic Courses, we only use industry-leading products for our aesthetic treatments as your care remains our priority throughout the process. We only use genuine Allergan Botox® and Juvederm® Dermal Fillers to provide the highest quality results for our model patients.

Feel Good for Less as a Cosmetic Courses Model

As a Cosmetic Courses model, you will never be treated by someone who is not medically qualified. We take safety very seriously so on our training days, you will be under the watchful eye of our expert trainers. Prior to your appointment, you can expect a thorough consultation where our aesthetic practitioner will listen carefully to what’s important to you and share their own opinion on what type of treatments might benefit you based on this conversation.

We only use industry-leading products for treatments

Our ethos is experience, quality and success which runs through the heart of our teaching. Our passion is to make the aesthetics industry safer by providing delegates with high-quality training from our vastly experienced and skilled trainers led by our Clinical Director and Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards. We treat our model patients the same as our private patients. You can be assured that you will always be in safe hands.

Our aesthetic model treatments are open to everyone above 18

There’s no age limit to becoming an aesthetic model, so if you’re over the age of 18, we’d love for you to find out more information about all the different aesthetic treatments available. You will be asked to attend a consultation prior to your appointment. Our aesthetic practitioners will listen to you and share their opinion on what treatments will benefit you. You can find out more about aesthetic treatments as a model by clicking here.

We treat all our model patients the same as our private patients

Our aesthetic models are treated no differently than any of our other patients. We understand that you are different and have different needs, but we also know that you want to be treated with the same level of respect and professionalism as our private patients.
A qualified medical professional who is in training will carry out your aesthetic overseen by our expert trainers. The trainer will always be present during your treatment and will be available to answer any questions before, during, or after every aesthetic procedure. You can expect to feel comfortable knowing that you are in safe hands with a minimal chance of complications.

Aesthetic Model Consultation

Every patient is different. You will be asked to attend a consultation where one of our aesthetic practitioners will listen to you. They will also share their opinions on what treatments will benefit you. This is not a one-size-fits-all process. Your treatment plan will be tailored according to your needs and the best option for you.

Feel free to ask questions to make your experience as enjoyable as possible

The best thing you can do is ask questions. No question is a silly question. Our aesthetic practitioners and expert trainers are here to make you feel comfortable and safe. If something is not going as you hoped, please let us know and our aesthetic trainers will be willing to accommodate your requests and needs if possible. You can view our frequently asked questions from aesthetic models by clicking here.


Find out more about becoming an aesthetic model by clicking here. If you have any questions about becoming an aesthetic model or would like to book a treatment, please contact us by clicking here. We are rated Excellent (4.8/5) and have over 1,248 reviews on Trustpilot. You can read our latest reviews on Trustpilot by clicking here.