A recent video published by the BBC shows that research has found bee stings can help smooth wrinkles in the skin – producing a similar effect to Botox.

A bee’s sting has qualities that help to tighten the facial muscles, albeit not to the same extent as Botox. The video shows how venom can be extracted from the bee’s sting and, when combined with other chemicals, create a cream that when directly applied has the effect of tightening the muscles and firming the skin.

It must be said, however, that the ‘bee sting effect’ does not have the strength to cause such dramatic results as Botox – or the same long-lasting effects – though it is similar in approach.

It may be that bee venom has a useful role to play in the aesthetics industry, though the current published research suggests that it’s not likely to threaten Botox’s position as the undisputed king of the wrinkle reducers. While the venom works in a similar way to Botox, its results are much more subtle and the results far less long-lasting.

The aesthetics industry is an expanding, fast moving industry where changes to procedures and policies happen often, so could bee sting venom be the next medical advance? We will wait and see…

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