There are many personal and career orientated benefits to working for yourself within the aesthetics industry. Many delegates express that they feel working for themselves has many benefits and can work hand in hand with the aesthetic industry or even around their current medical career.

One main benefit of being self-employed in the aesthetics industry is that your working hours are more suitable as you can set them yourself while adapting them to fit your lifestyle. It gives you the flexibility to work when it is appropriate for you.

An additional benefit of working for yourself is that you can offer a higher level of care that matches what you feel you should offer to your clients. This allows you time to connect with your clients and a greater focus on meeting their needs. You can also have more involvement with the treatments chosen and control over the amount of time spent writing up notes and administering the procedure.

Time is always critical for our delegates, not only for the time with clients but also for the time spent away from work in their personal lives. Being self-employed in this industry allows the individual to have more control over their personal time and other commitments. Many of our delegates have mentioned that these combined factors have given them a better lifestyle.

Although there are many benefits to working for yourself within the aesthetic industry there are also a few drawbacks. If you are self-employed, there is no guaranteed income per month as it depends on how much work you have. You will also not be entitled to sick or holiday pay, which does need to be taken into consideration.

However some feel that this can be outweighed by benefits of working for yourself in the aesthetic industry. Not only will you have more control over working hours and the conditions you work under but you can also decide how much money you want to make.

If you have great skills, excellent patient care and are driven to succeed then a self-employed career in aesthetics could give you the quality of life you are looking for.

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