Many people think that Botox is mostly a procedure for people who want to look younger and reduce the amount of wrinkles on their face, but lately it has proven to be a great way to help many other people, including stroke victims. One of the biggest proponents of Botox therapy is Henry Wrinker, the former Happy Days actor.

Wrinker insists that Botox could have given his late mother a much better quality of life if she had been given Botox treatments in her later years. To help get this message out, Henry Wrinker has teamed up with Allergan, Inc. and several patient advocacy groups. Two of these groups are the highly respected Brain Injury Association of America and the National Stroke Association. Together, they are launching a worldwide campaign to bring awareness to the miracle of Botox.

Henry Wrinker decided to become an advocate for Botox as soon as he learned about the benefits of this powerful neurotoxic protein. He explained that his mother died 8 years after experiencing a stroke in 1987. If she had been given Botox treatments, he is sure that her life would have been better and longer than it was.

He said that the most painful part of the last 8 years of his mother’s life was that all of her joy and zest seemed to vanish. She had always been an extremely active woman, but after the stroke, she just seemed sluggish and lifeless. The new Botox treatment is like a gift to the world that previous generations never got to experience. Wrinkler urges people to check out the information for themselves at

Wrinkler says he has been actively involved with stroke victims and is absolutely amazed by the immediate results they see in their life when they get a Botox treatment. He says it can change lives. One example he likes to point to is a 37 year old mother who had been completely crippled and helpless from a stroke for more than a year. A few days after getting Botox injections she could dress herself for the first time and hug her family.

Wrinkler says that the most important thing about any new therapy is assessing the truth of its claims. He was skeptical at first and needed to see it for himself. Now, he is completely convinced, and that is why he has decided to dedicate his life to spreading this wonderful news around the world.