“Ongoing training is essential for any sort of medical professional in any speciality whether you are a surgeon, doctor, nurse or dentist and it’s essential in maintaining good clinical practice. Aesthetics is no different, in fact, aesthetics is a very fast-growing, changing subject, so it’s really essential that we as practitioners have good training in this area and are up-to-date with the latest treatments.”

– Adrian Richards, Clinical Director of Cosmetic Courses

The Expert Masterclass

At Cosmetic Courses we are proud to announce a brand new course, Expert Masterclass- Botox & Dermal Fillers. Created by our trainers this course is for those who wish to extend their aesthetic injecting skills as well as improving their facial assessment and consultation technique.

The course will focus heavily on the art form of injectable treatments whilst delving into the understanding of the anatomy and ageing process to ensure the best treatment for each patient.

Our trainers are dedicated to passing their expert knowledge onto our delegates. This course has been designed specifically to allow them to share their passion and encourage a wider understanding of what advanced techniques can achieve within aesthetics.

“What will I learn on the Expert Masterclass?”

The one day comprehensive course will be taught within very small groups and will cover the following injectable techniques:

  • Mid face volumisation
  • 8 point lift techniques
  • Treatment of temples
  • Periobital rejuvenation
  • Cannula techniques
  • Chin augmentation
  • Lip Filler

The course will also look at the patient and practitioner journey and how this can be improved with a greater knowledge of the anatomy.

Those who have completed the course find that not only their injectable techniques are more advanced but their time spent with patients becomes more efficient. As we’ve seen first hand improving these key areas has staggering effects on patient retention rates, treatment planning and perfecting combination treatments. All of which help you to stay ahead of your competitors and improve the service that you offer.

Why choose Cosmetic Courses for your Expert Masterclass?

  • Unlike many manufacturer training at Cosmetic Courses our Expert Masterclass covers all aspects of facial ageing and treatment using both toxin & dermal fillers
  • Hassle-free training – all models, paperwork and ongoing support is included in the course fee – no added extras.
  • Our recent industry awards signify the quality of our training programme
  • Our expert team of trainers have a combined experience of 113 years in the industry – unrivalled by any other provider
  • With the option of a small group tutorial or one-to-one session you can tailor your training to your individual needs

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